Good News – and Bad

The good news?  Despite the worrying news I get almost daily, Kids for Kids is thriving in Darfur.   Our wonderful team continues to make field visits to our villages – as you know we have 110, with another five I will be announcing in the next few weeks.  Our volunteer committees report that children in our villages are not dying from starvation despite the worst conditions I have known since we started Kids for Kids 22 years ago.  Our little goats continue to deliver the miracle of health, and water is flowing in new handpumps thanks to the wonderful people who donate to our water projects.  

But – donations are NOT flowing.   I need your help please if we are to do what we have promised.

Last year the World Health Organisation warned that a third of the population across Sudan would face starvation. It was worse than that. Darfur is struggling with conflict, drought, floods – and soaring inflation. In Darfur there were floods in August. There was no spraying of standing water, and mosquitoes swarmed. Malaria is still the biggest killer in Africa.  The youngest children are the most vulnerable. Mosquitoes also carry dengue fever, chikungunya, yellow fever – all deadly. Thankfully each year Kids for Kids provides thousands of mosquito nets to people who cannot afford even these essentials.  We provided protection for up to 12,000 children.  Just one of the ways we help families forgotten by the rest of the world.

I cannot begin to tell you how valuable regular support is.   Without knowing what I can spend I cannot offer support to mothers.   How would we feel if someone held out a lifeline to us, then withdrew it?   There are two ways you can donate regularly – become a Regular Giver or sign up to be a Children’s Champion.  The latter is a three-year commitment and transforms literally hundreds of lives long term.  Please ask me how to become one, and I will send your Gold Goat! If you already donate regularly, please would you increase it, even if just by a small amount? We promise to make every pound count.  It would really help. You just need to instruct your bank. We will spot it!  If you would like to leave a Legacy in your Will you will cut down Inheritance Tax for your family, and help children for years to come.  Do ring me.

Have YOU browsed our new website?  Please check it out – you will find news from Darfur of course, but also of our Events – booked already is our Ambassadors’ Ball, Saturday 17th June in London, and our Candlelit Christmas Concert on Wednesday 6th DecemberI will let you into a secret – Joanna says she will be with us this year!   Our Fishing Day (always my treat) will be a little later as I am having a short break and will be away early October.    For those of you near enough to my home in Dorking, I am having a Pimm’s Party in the summer and another in Devon.  If you would like to come please let me know.  Obviously, numbers are limited!   We will keep you posted once we’ve confirmed the dates!

But I cannot do all of this without help.  We are still looking for someone to take over as Deputy CEO, to hopefully mastermind Kids for Kids outside Sudan.   I am also in huge need of an Executive PA. That is why I cannot commit to some of our events at the moment.  The PA has always been a part-time post – partly because of the need to keep salaries down against donations.  It is a vicious circle.  I cannot keep working 10-hour days, so need your help to find these lovely people to help us please.  Demand for high salaries is worrying me because it has to be set against our income – but that is falling.   You can see the dilemma.                                                                       

How Can You Help? Please do spread the word to friends and family and if you can volunteer to help with administration that would be wonderful.  Of course, the first rule is that we all have to have fun!   You can find the job descriptions for all roles on our new website. Please do contact  if you are interested in either role or helping as a volunteer.

Our donations are diminishing yet we are needed more and more – and costs are rising as you will know.  So please, can you get friends to support us?  Can you have a drinks party, or a coffee morning to raise enough for a goat?   Come to our Events.  Or how about getting yourself sponsored and doing something that will help you too?  Did you see our SIT-UP Challenge?  Do join us! We are having such fun (if you are on Facebook you can see the hysterical videos.   Try the one with the dog!).   I am really impressed with our Trustee Patrick and Charlotte is making it even harder.  See how!  For runners, please do consider running a Marathon or Half Marathon for us and for cyclists there are great races too!   Or how about joining Walking Women (who support us with their Goat Challenges) and walk overseas?   We need you!

Please do consider donating real chickens this Easter! For only £15 we can give the elderly in our villages protein-rich eggs to keep them strong and starvation at bay.

Finally, if you would donate between 3rd & 7th April 2023 through Global Giving (, donations up to £41.64 will be matched at 50%.   An easy win!  

I do hope I will see you this year.   My little cat and I are indeed getting older but we are both in good form – she stole a joint from the kitchen side last week so is still up to jumping when needed.  Me too!   I can’t wait to dance the night away at our Ball!  

My warmest wishes and thank you for your support.   These are difficult times and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all you do. 

May I wish you a very Happy Easter.

Patricia Parker OBE – Founder, CEO & Chairman of Trustees.


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