Why Water?

Water is desperately needed in Darfur, and children are walking miles each day ...

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Why Goats, Donkeys & Chickens?

These little creatures literally work miracles in Darfur, helping to stop starv...

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Why Midwives & Healthcare?

Childbirth is a dangerous business in Darfur, often with only a Traditional Birt...

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Why Education & Kindergartens?

Parents beg us for Education, to help their children escape from poverty. ...

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Why Animal Care?

Healthier animals mean healthier communities, so we make sure all beneficiaries ...

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Why Trees & Agriculture?

People in Darfur eat only what they can grow in the desert sand. Better yields a...

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What We Do: Projects

Kids for Kids adopts remote villages in Darfur, where children are living in intolerable poverty. Our holistic programme of projects is tailored to each village, with input from the villagers themselves. We empower local people, training them to run the projects for themselves and their community, so they can raise their families out of poverty long-term, and give their children hope of a better future.