Support our Water Projects

Water is the key to survival for both humans and animals. Despite the largest aquifer in Africa being under Darfur, people have to walk many miles every single day to collect every drop. Kids for Kids raises funds to provide handpumps (£6,500 per pump) and to repair existing ones (£500) that stand unusable in the desert. Where possible we also aim to provide submersible pumps which provide water for people and animals in up to six villages. Anything we can do to help people reach water is life saving.  We provide water carts (£300), water tanks (£110), and jerry cans (£18 for 2) so people can carry and store water.

Please donate towards our water projects. Anything you can give will help change lives.  Thank you.

If you donate a handpump, we would be delighted for you to name it after a loved one and can keep you updated of where the handpump will be located and when it is installed. Just add details to the Notes section when you check out or email us on

Many children in Darfur walk up to 20 miles in the heat of summer to reach water. Kids for Kids is building handpumps as close to villages as possible. Learn more about our Water Projects here.