Why Water?

Water is desperately needed in Darfur, and children are walking miles each day for every drop.


Hand Pumps for water – life changing!

Did you know?  One of the largest aquifers in Africa is right here underneath Darfur.  You just have to be able to afford to install a pump.  Every year, when Kids for Kids adopts new villages, one of the first things we do is commission a geophysical survey to work out where best to install the pumps. Can you imagine the difference this makes?  Instead of walking for hours in the scorching heat every day for water, children can go to school and mothers can work to earn an income for the family.  In some villages people have even managed to grow vegetables for the first time.

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Pump Repairs – let’s keep water flowing!

There is nothing that upsets us more than to see a broken handpump sitting idle.  Imagine the sheer frustration of knowing there is water right there in your village – but not being able to fix the pump, and having to walk miles each day to fetch water.  Kids for Kids has emergency funds set aside for cases like these, to quickly get broken pumps working again. Can you help repair a handpump or provide a new one – beautiful clean cool water from underground!

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Keeping water clean

It is essential that all water sources used for human consumption are kept clean to prevent the spread of diseases. We are helping to fund simple filtration methods, fencing to keep animals to where it is safe for them to drink, and training for communities in good hygiene practice. You may have read how cholera is now a feared disease again in Darfur. This is preventable with your help.

Water harvesting for a better crop

Patricia explains: “When I was told that the simple digging of ditches and creation of a crescent shaped bank could prolong the planting period for up to six months, frankly I was skeptical. I have now seen it for myself! There were cucumbers growing, which had not been watered beyond the original rainfall (possibly one “shower” for half an hour and then, no more). Yet they were growing prolifically, yet beyond this small area, the sand lay barren and bare.” We train a small group of farmers in each community who then ‘cascade’ train others in the area. What is then produced is critical in providing healthy food for children.

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Water, a very special gift

There are many more villages in need of a hand pump. Would you like one in your name? Kids for Kids handpumps can be named after their donors. They are a lasting memorial for a loved one, for a special occasion, forever! The very first, the KIDS FOR KIDS CROSFIELD PUMP was installed in Um Ga’al in September 2001. Despite Um Ga’al being in an area most affected by violence for the past four years, we have received a report that our pumps are continuing to work! Pumps have been donated to celebrate christenings, marriage, by large companies, and to commemorate a young man who had died in Africa.  Two sisters donated a handpump from money they had inherited.  Another was to celebrate a retirement… the reasons for donating a hand pump are touching – and all are from people’s innate empathy with thirsty families and their urgent need for water. Please do get in touch to find out how you can make water flow for children in Darfur. Contact@kidsforkids.org.uk or

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