A thread of hope

At this terrible time of violence across Darfur there is a thread of hope. Hassan, our Acting Programme Manager, has managed to join our Trustee, Khalid Mekki, in Port Sudan.   They are working together, with the volunteers in Darfur, to help us get emergency supplies to families in desperate need out of sight in the remote villages of North Darfur.

Our priority is initially to deliver emergency supplies to the 110 villages that Kids for Kids has already adopted. We are thankful that we can at last plan, despite the atrocities that are being perpetrated in Darfur.

Internet is intermittent but they have established contact and are now working on a safe plan to enable desperately needed basics to reach families. The violence broke out in April and as yet there is no end in sight.

”I am enormously grateful to our friends in Darfur that, despite their worries for their own families, they are doing all they can to enable Kids for Kids to help families struggling out of sight of the world” said Patricia Parker OBE, Founder of the charity.

Children are trapped in villages, surrounded by inexcusable violence. Our support is needed now more than ever. Our Emergency Appeal is the only lifeline these families have.

How can you help?

Please do help us share our SUDAN – Emergency appeal GENERAL RELEASE with friends and family.

Ask them to donate to our emergency fund to help us save lives – Donate to Kids for Kids – Kids for Kids

Thank you so much – we cannot help without your support!

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