Welcome to Kids for Kids. We help the forgotten children of Darfur.

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KIDS FOR KIDS helps children the world has forgotten – children in Darfur, Sudan, who live lives of inexcusable and unimaginable hardship.

This year, 2021, the situation in Darfur is worse than ever. Inflation is out of control at over 250%. In the wake of the worst floods for decades and failure of crops, children and families are facing starvation in remote villages.

People just like you and me need our help!

We don’t believe in charity – we believe in helping people to help themselves

We listen to families in Darfur. We listen to their needs and provide exactly what they tell us will make the most difference. We give them the training and tools to ensure that our projects are sustainable. We adopt whole villages, lifting individual families out of abject poverty and transforming the lives of communities in the long term.

How do we do it?

Since 2001 – over 20 years – Kids for Kids has been demonstrating that sustainable development works – if you take the time to support the people who need help the most.

Water – Goat Loans – Donkey loans – Chickens for the elderly – Mosquito Nets – Blankets – Jerry Cans – Farm Tools – Household Utensils – Water Carts – Water Tanks – Midwife Training – Paravet Training – First Aid Training – Donkey Ambulances – Donkey Carts

Training to run the projects, Healthcare for both humans and animals, Education to give children the best start in life, and care for the Environment.

We build Kindergartens – Health Units – Veterinary Units

And, long term – plant Trees to turn the desert green.

We rely on volunteers, who, like us, want children to have the future they deserve

This year we are celebrating our 20th anniversary! We need your support to make 2021 our most successful year yet!

 Be our GOAT – Greatest of All Time! – and please help us to change the life of a child – for good.  

Together we’ve GOAT this!!