Goats Do their Bit to make Goat Yoga a Hit!

Thank you so much to everyone who joined us for our Goat Yoga Class at Soul Barns in Mortimer, Berkshire, on Sunday 7th July 2024.

This wonderful class was the inspiration of Yoga with Lizzie instructor, Lizzie Stroud, and Soul Barns Founder and Yoga Instructor, Camila Bentley and was sold out within weeks of tickets going on sale!

Despite the typically soggy British Summer conditions on arrival, Camila found us a cosy spot in the hay barn at beautiful Soul Barns – her family-run wellness centre – and introduced us all to her loveable Goats – Zogg and Lulu!

And what better way to start the Yoga Class with Lizzie on a soggy Sunday morning than with a Sun Salutation…and it worked…briefly…!!

The Goats got involved too, making unusual obstacles for our Tree poses and going through a tunnel of Kids doing downward dogs..!

We finished the morning with a ‘Name the Billie Goat’ Game and Georgia became the proud owner of Bob the Billie Goat! Thanks to our little helpers, Hannah Robinson and Poppy Allum for coming up with this lovely game!

In total, our Goat Yoga class made just over £250.

This will go towards our Emergency Appeal so we can provide emergency food just as soon as it is safe to do so, to our Kids for Kids’ villages in Darfur, Sudan.

Families in remote villages in Darfur are subsistence farmers, living off whatever they can grow from the land. Now violence, which erupted over a year ago, has meant that crops have not been planted – families are struggling desperately to survive. Many have lost their homes. The UN has warned that Sudan faces the worst humanitarian crisis in the world today – despite all the terrible news from other regions. In Darfur, children are already dying from starvation.

Kids for Kids is doing all we can to provide emergency supplies – sorghum and millet is urgently needed right now. We need to get it to remote villages before the rains start and make the desert impassable. We will do whatever we can, so long as it is safe to do so. Volunteers in Darfur are working with us so we can give urgently needed aid.

Please can you help? 

If you would like to donate a little more to help us, we would be so grateful.

Please donate here to our Emergency Appeal to help us help children survive. There is no one else helping the children in these villages.


Join us at our next Events

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We do hope to hold another Goat Yoga Class again soon so do keep your eyes pealed or drop Charlotte an email if you are interested..

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