Why Goats, Donkeys & Chickens?

These little creatures literally work miracles in Darfur, helping to stop starvation in its tracks and giving families hope for the future.

Goat Loan microfinace - Kids for Kids!

Goats are the best microfinance in the world!

When Kids for Kids adopts a village, the poorest 15% of families receive a Goat Loan. These families are typically headed by women, desperately trying to feed their families. We lend them 6 goats for immediate milk to feed starving babies and provide essential nutrition for children. As the little flock grows, the mother can earn an income from selling milk and yoghurt. After 2 years the little flock is typically between 14 and 20 animals, and the family pays forward 6 offspring to the next family, so ultimately the whole community benefits.

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Donkeys - the 4x4 of Darfur

Donkeys – the 4×4 of Darfur!

With no roads in Darfur, donkeys are the only transport, for water, firewood, people… even the school ‘bus’ and the local ambulance! They can be hired out to other families to earn an income too. Imagine the difference it makes to a family to be able to carry more water!

Why Donkeys? Have a look here for more about how donkeys change lives, and make your donation:  

A little donkey to carry water and firewood for a family | A strong cross-bred donkey to pull the ambulance, water cart, school bus…

What comes first, the Chicken or the Egg?

In Darfur, chickens come first. Whilst we lend goats to families, frail elderly grandparents are unable to manage, so instead we give them chickens. They are easy to look after and provide nutritious eggs to eat. We trialed this scheme in 3 villages and the response was incredible. Simple little things make a huge difference.

Why Chickens? Have a look here to read more and donate today!