Why Midwives & Healthcare?

Childbirth is a dangerous business in Darfur, often with only a Traditional Birth Attendant available to help. With your help, we can stop problems from becoming disasters.

Midwives are savings lives!

In Darfur, there is no healthcare in the villages. Young women marry early, but their greatest fear is childbirth. The only help in a village is an untrained Traditional Birth Attender who has little knowledge of even the basics of hygiene or first aid. This is why we train 40 midwives every season, to help mothers and their babies. Their value in a village is beyond price.”

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First Aid Workers – stopping little problems from becoming disasters

First aid workers are a lifeline for villagers with no other access to healthcare. A little cut can soon become a debilitating injury if an infection goes untreated. They also provide vaccinations to prevent diseases

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Mosquito Nets

Kids for Kids mosquito nets keep out mosquitoes which spread malaria and yellow fever. Our nets have an extra-fine mesh to keep out the sand flies that spread diarrhea and vomiting, which can be fatal to children who are already dehydrated and weak from malnutrition.

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Blankets save lives

Imagine sleeping directly on the cold sand in your hut, with no coverings. No wonder children become ill, and suffer with chest infections. A simple blanket can save a life.

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