Midwives fight Covid-19 in Darfur, Sudan

The situation in Sudan is still desperate. Inflation is still soaring and is now at an all-time high of over 350%. Life is hard for the people in Darfur, as food prices continue to soar so does the level of hunger – our help has never been needed more. To add to this, Covid-19 is still ravaging the country.

Village Midwives and First-Aid workers that have been trained thanks to you, our loyal and generous donors, are on the frontline helping to tackle the virus and the challenges it brings to each community.

Kids for Kids Project Officer Hassan Mehisi says ‘The situation in many villages is very hard and life is difficult. Our Midwives and First-Aid workers play an enormous role in fighting the pandemic, they help villagers tackle the enormous challenges of addressing the health impact of Covid-19’.

Our Midwives and First-Aid workers are delivering babies and providing support despite the threat of Covid-19 – helping to provide advice and educate new mothers and their families on how to protect themselves – there is no access to healthcare in villages – the Midwives and First-Aid workers we train are very much pioneers doing a fantastic job miles away from any support or hospital. 

You can support mothers and babies by helping to train more Midwives and First-Aid workers – these are the Florence Nightingales of Darfur – a beacon of light and comfort in the most desperate of times.

It costs Kids for Kids £2,000 to train a Village Midwife and to provide her with a smart white tobe (sari uniform) and leather sandals. Incidentally, leather sandals are a status symbol in Darfur!  If you would like to contribute to the training of a Village Midwife please donate the amount you choose and we will add it to our Midwife Fund. We also fund the equipment for both our Village Midwives and First Aid Workers, plus a fast and strong crossbred donkey so they can travel more easily between the villages.  It is important too to make sure there is a solar lantern so that mothers will not give birth by the flickering light of a fire. There is no electricity in villages.


Will you help us bring healthcare in the form of Village Midwives and First Aid Workers to the many villages that are in need?

Your donation today will help save lives!

You can read more about our healthcare projects here: https://www.kidsforkids.org.uk/what-we-do-midwives-healthcare/