Children’s Shepherds’ Committees – Kids looking after Kids!

Animal Welfare is very important to Kids for Kids and in every one of our villages, even the children are trained to look after the goats and donkeys!

The Children’s Shepherd Committee are taught to look for injury or disease in all of the villages animals, making sure they have the right food to eat and enough water to drink!

The committees are made up of both girls and boys and members are chosen by the whole community and they work closely with the Kids for Kids team in Sudan reporting any sick or unwell animals.

The children grow up having the knowledge to give their animals the best life and also gain important skills that will help them in their adult life!

Isn’t it lovely to think that every Friday morning – the first day of the weekend in Darfur – our Children’s Shepherds’ Committees in every Kids for Kids’ village inspect every animal in the village to see if they are alright.   Children are really observant.  We train them – teaching them the signs to look for.   Hair coming out means too little water.   When the herd stands up, ones that are slow need checking.  And of course, we teach them which plants are poisonous.  When animals are hungry, and especially goats, they can eat things that can kill them.

We reward our little shepherds in each village when we have our review meetings each year.   Can you imagine how proud they are?

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