Kids for Kids Diversity Policy:

Our commitment to inclusion means that we positively embrace the diverse identities, histories, spiritual beliefs, abilities and lifestyles of our employees and volunteers, supporters, and the audiences to whom we speak and of those children and communities with whom we work in Darfur. It means that we value the richness that each unique person brings to our work.

Our goals

We aim:
• to ensure that diversity is encompassed in all areas of our work
• to ensure that diversity is reflected at all levels of our work, from Trustees and employees to volunteers, beneficiaries and supporters
• to create leadership in Kids for Kids that reflects and manages diversity
• to ensure that all Kids for Kids staff, volunteers, supporters, and beneficiaries understand and value diversity and responsibly put it into practice
• to reinforce the business case and other practical benefits of diversity within our programmes and beyond

Kids for Kids recognises that while diversity is about valuing the many differences that exist between people, there are some groups who are particularly marginalised, socially excluded and denied equal rights. We will always be sensitive to age, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, faith and disability whilst seeking to create an environment where all differences are respected and cherished, as this brings benefits for everyone in the organisation.