Why Kids for Kids?

For over 20 years, we have been changing Children’s lives ONE GOAT at a time.

We don't believe in Charity. We believe in helping people to help themselves.
  • Together, we adopt whole communities – 110 villages so far – and listen to what the Villagers say will help the most.
  • Our GOAT loans provide protein-rich milk to malnourished children. The poorest families receive 5 Goats. After 2 years, once the little flock has grown, 5 Goats are then passed on to another family to benefit.
  • DONKEYS carry heavy loads and CHICKENS provide eggs for the elderly.
  • HANDPUMPS provide clean water in our villages.
  • TREES and sustainable forests slow the spread of the desert.
  • MIDWIVES and FIRST AID WORKERS to save lives.
  • KINDERGARTENS give children an education and a future out of poverty.
  • But most importantly, we TRAIN the villagers in how to manage these sustainable projects so they are successful.
  • Our projects prove sustainability works when we listen and help empower whole communities to lift themselves out of abject poverty.

Do our Projects really work? Kids for Kids started with one little boy’s walk for water…

Sustainability is key! These Case Studies show just how it works…

Our Projects fulfil many of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals – Here’s How…

Poverty is endemic in Darfur. Children and Families really need our help. 

All our Sustainable Projects are geared to giving communities a helping hand to lift  them out of poverty long-term.

Children are starving in Darfur. The arid climate makes growing produce very difficult, floods often wash away any crops that do grow and inflation is at an all time high. We provide goats, chickens grain and tools to keep hunger at bay. 

There is no healthcare in the rural villages in Darfur. 

We work with the communities to introduce First Aid Centres, train First Aid Workers and Midwives and ensure families survive childbirth and diseases.

Mothers plea for education for their children as they know it gives them a route out of poverty.

We help build Kindergartens, provide books and equipment, and donate donkeys who become the local school bus.

Many women in Darfur are illiterate. They are left to fend for their families while their husband tries to get work in the larger cities. Our key goat loans allow women to earn a living from excess milk & yoghurt and make decisions for the first time for themselves & their children.  

Despite Darfur sitting on one of the largest aquifers in the world, clean water is still in short supply. We raise funds to install handpumps in villages, repair those in need and provide jerry cans and donkeys for easier access to clean water.

Electricity is sadly unavailable in the remote villages of Darfur. Villagers however do have access to solar-powered batteries and we provide solar-powered lanterns to light the way at night, especially necessary to save lives during childbirth.

Our sustainable projects kickstart economic growth in the remote regions of Darfur. Our little flocks of goats provide an income for mothers who are then able to send their children to school for an education to enable them to gain decent job prospects in future.

By providing agricultural tools, families become sustainable farmers. By lending goats, we give mothers the opportunity to make an income from excess milk and yoghurt production. Health centres, Kindergartens and access to clean water all help improve the infrastructure of Darfur. 

Inequality between rich and poor exists in Darfur, just like everywhere. We give the poorest families a helping hand, providing animals, agricultural tools, access to clean water & an education, to help them reduce the inequalities themselves.

Our projects are all about building sustainable communities in the remote regions of Darfur. We train the villagers to look after our projects – the animals, the handpumps, the trees – themselves so they gain future skills and succeed.

Darfur, Sudan and Africa are at the forefront of Global Warming. We are helping empower communities there with sustainable means so they don’t add to the world’s consumption. 

Environment is always top of our agenda. With the harsh climate in Darfur, trees are paramount to slow the encroach of the desert, provide shade for animals & families, and an income from fruits and other bi-products.

We are working on the availability of water for all communities at the moment. 

There is not enough for fish sadly…just yet..!

The majority of our families in Darfur are subsistence farmers, living off the land as best they can, often ploughing by hand due to lack of tools. We provide those tools, as well as seed and donkey ploughs, to encourage larger crops and reduce famine.

We work with families in Darfur to help them strengthen their home life and build a strong community, The communities themselves are empowered to make their own decisions and maintain peace wherever possible.

We partner with our Communities in Darfur and give them skills to run their projects independently. We train Village Leaders and the communities as a whole to ensure our projects really are sustainable.for the long-term.

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