Paravet Training gives Liyla, Children and Mothers in her village a brighter future

We thought you would be delighted to hear how your donations have helped a young girl in Matway, Darfur.  

Liyla is 22 years old and has recently graduated as a Village Paravet, having started her training when we adopted her village back in 2018. 

Every time we adopt a village we train two paravets – they help each other and of course can cover when one is away at market, or visiting other villages to help their animals. 

Paravet treating goats in Village

Your donations allowed us to give Liyla a donkey, a bag of animal drugs and the necessary equipment back in 2018 so she could start work in her village straightaway, from the first week.

She immediately started advising the goat beneficiaries on looking after their goats’ health, feeding and nutrition, breeding policies, and the diseases to look out for which affect goats and donkeys. Since then, Liyla has participated in several Kids for Kids’ vaccination campaigns in the village, distributing animal welfare drugs both to prevent problems such as worms and parasites and to treat illnesses. 

Liyla treats animals which have diseases such as helminthosis, pneumonia, chest infection and brucellosis, and in the summer season those that suffer from water shortage and malnutrition.

She treats a minimum of 10 animals per week and is a real asset to her village.

Now that Liyla is a paravet she has enormous status in her village and is listened to with respect at village councils.

Hana, a lady who was given 5 goats by Kids for Kids in 2018, has listened to Liyla’s advice about looking after her animals.

Hana with her children in Matway

Hana says “Liyla taught me to use worm drugs every two or three weeks to keep my goats healthy and to collect groundnuts, hay and leaves to use as goat feed. In the first year, my flock of 5 goats grew to 15, then in the second year to 35 goats.  After four years I sold some of my Billy goats in order to buy school uniform and books for my children, three iron beds, mattresses, sheets and curtains, as well as rent a tractor for my farm plough and to buy seeds to plant.”

Goats in Matway Village

How Hana’s life has changed, all thanks to Liyla and your donations!

Liyla has recently requested more equipment, further drugs and refresher Paravet training so she can continue to help families like Hana’s.

Are you in a position to help us train more paravets like Liyla?

Training for one Paravet is £370, a Veterinary Fund is £350 or 100 vaccinations to treat worms and parasites cost £100.

We know times are tough for us all but every little counts. We would be so grateful for any donations you are able to give.

Thank you so much for all your support. You really are helping us transform lives – not just now but for generations to come!