2,023 Sit Ups Challenge in March 2023

It’s time we Sit up and Support the Forgotten Children of Darfur!

Join Kids for Kids for an exciting new challenge!

Push yourself and join us in SITTING UP and supporting the forgotten children of Darfur.

Get fit, have fun and FUNDRAISE!!

The Challenge: 2,023 sponsored sit-ups in March 2023

We’re challenging you to complete 2,023 sponsored SIT-UPS throughout the month of March!
And we’ve even developed a plan for you – including rest days and building up from 10 to 115 sit-ups over the 31 days in March….
Download a copy of the Sit-ups-Challenge-Plan & tick the days off as you go!

These sit-ups can be stomach crunches, full sit-ups, sit-ups with a kettle bell (which many actually find easier) or, if you really want to push yourself, they can be sit-ups followed by a kettlebell lift.

For more information on these options, visit our FAQs page.

And, if 2,023 is too many for you, just set your own personal target!

Whatever suits you, your body and feels most comfortable. And if anything doesn’t feel good, please just stop!

This is a personal challenge for you and we are just so grateful that you are keen to SIT UP and support the forgotten children of Darfur.

How to Take Part in the Sponsored Sit up Challenge

Signing up is easy. Just follow these simple steps.

  1. If you are on Facebook, join our Facebook group – our Facebook group is there to motivate and support you during your challenge so do ask questions, share images, videos and updates, and get involved! Please do invite your friends to the group to get involved too!
  2. Set up your personal JustGiving fundraising page. Just click on this link and then ‘Start Fundraising’ to set up your own personal page. Or you can use a sponsorship form which is available here. You can find full instructions on our FAQs page.
  3. Share your success! Share your JustGiving fundraiser link, pictures and videos with friends and family so they can help spur you on with sponsorship!

Whichever way you choose to fundraise, please email us to let us know and include the link to your JustGiving page in the email.

How to Sponsor the Sit-ups Team

If you’re not keen on joining them, please do consider sponsoring them to give them some momentum!

We would welcome any sponsorship for this challenge – just click on ‘Donate’ here!

The Forgotten Children of Darfur need your Help

Out of sight of the world, in the forgotten region of Darfur, conditions are bleak.

Mothers are struggling to feed their children. 2023 is predicted to be the worst year they have ever faced.

There is no water, no electricity, no roads, little education and no health care.

Children live in huts made of straw, they sleep directly on the sand. Water is miles away across the desert, and this year they face starvation in the wake of the worst drought for years followed by devastating floods.

Children are hungry, thirsty and living in conditions that shouldn’t exist in the 21st Century. It is high time we took note and supported them. We must do something now.

But Kids for Kids are helping to change all that!

£50 helps us donate 1 Goat to a family – so mothers can strengthen their malnourished children with protein-rich goat’s milk.

£65 enables to us give a Donkey – to help families carry heavy loads – jerry cans containing clean water, firewood, hay for their animals, or gather in a harvest.

£200 will help us plant 100 Tree Seedlings in a Community Forest – to stabilise the desert, provide shade, fruit and other by-products for families to generate an income.

£250 allows us to give 5 Goats for a family – so they have nourishing goat’s milk to feed their starving children and can earn an income from excess milk and yoghurt. After two years, as their little flock grows, they will pass on 5 goats to another family to benefit.

£400 enables us to train a First Aider – who can help save children’s lives.

£2,000 helps us to train a Midwife – saving mothers and babies’ lives.

£6,500 allows us to install a Handpump – providing clean water to children, their families, animals and communities.

£20,000 enables us to build a Kindergarten – to give children an education and a future out of poverty.

What will you SIT UP and aim for?

How much can we raise together for the forgotten children of Darfur?

Let’s Sit up. Let’s Support them. Let’s spread the word.

Let’s challenge ourselves to help change children’s lives. Let’s SIT UP and support the forgotten children of Darfur.

SET UP YOUR OWN SPONSOR PAGE for the sponsored sit-ups by clicking ‘START FUNDRAISING’ here!

OR DONATE to support the sit-up team by clicking on ‘GIVE NOW’ here!

Please do share this with friends and family! Let fit, let’s have fun – let’s FUNDRAISE!

2,023 Sit-ups in March 2023 – Let’s Sit up and Support Darfur! – JustGiving

Thank you so much for all your support – together we can change lives!

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