Our Projects Give Women Valuable Life Skills

We do not believe in charity. We believe in helping people to help themselves.

How do we do it?   Before we introduce any of our sustainable projects to adopted villages, we have to be sure that the whole community wants to support our projects.   Although, in time, we will be helping the whole community, initially our help is to the poorest families, so we must be sure that there is agreement, and full accountability to the village as a whole.   First we help with the selection and training of Committees to run the projects so they become self-sustainable.

Through democratic election, the Village Development Committee (VDC) and Animal Loan Committee (ALC) are chosen, trained and assisted by our Kids for Kids’ team in Sudan.

98% of women in Darfur are illiterate. Hard to believe in this day and age.  But, as part of the training we provide, many women are given skills they would not otherwise receive.

Khadiga, a married woman aged 42, was democratically chosen as the ALC Leader of Fardal back in 2017, when the village was adopted. In order to fulfil her new role, Khadiga was trained in management and accounting by Kids for Kids, skills which would benefit her greatly. 

As part of the ALC, Khadiga and her committee are responsible for supervising our goats and their beneficiaries to ensure the goats are in good health and support the families when necessary. The ALC is also in charge of the veterinary drug revolving fund, billy goats and local plough use, as well as blanket and mosquito net distribution, to ensure equality across the village. 

Khadiga regularly prepares an Animal Loan Committee report and submits it to the VDC Leader to highlight any successes, as well as areas which need more support.

Being very successful in her role of ALC Leader, Khadiga has also been appointed primary school teacher so she can share her knowledge and skills with the children of Fardal. 

Khadiga says “I am very happy to be a teacher in my village. I gather the children together in the shade outside and teach them what I can. My greatest wish is to have a Kindergarten with two classrooms and equipment to help teach my students.”

Could you please help us grant Khadiga’s greatest wish and build her Kindergarten? Whilst there is violence in Sudan right now, our aim is to have the funds available so that we can provide everything that Khadiga needs for her village.  Over the years we have had proof after proof of the long term transformation our projects give to families who are amongst the poorest and most deprived in the world.  Now, in the wake of unspeakable violence, everything we provide is of even more value.   Our villages are growing because of our handpumps, our midwives and, of course, our paravets.  With goat’s milk available in the village too, the children have protein. 

It costs just £20 to provide 30 bricks for a Kindergarten.

And £20 to provide library books for children to read.

£50 helps us provide shoes and uniform for 5 children.

And £90 will give one child education for a whole year.

Please give whatever you can – just imagine the children’s lives you could change.