You made DOUBLE the Difference – and more! – in December

You may remember that Joanna Lumley and three generous friends very kindly pledged to double any donations we received in December – up to £27,500?

Well, the figures are in and amazingly you wonderful lot not only helped us reach that target but exceeded it…by donating over £44,900!

So that means that the £27,500 has been doubled to £55,000 and the extra £17,400 means together we have raised a total of £72,400 in December!

Just incredible! Words cannot begin to describe how grateful we are to you all.

The UN describes the situation in Sudan as ‘the worst humanitarian crisis in the world today’ – with more people who have lost their homes than in the rest of the world combined.

But your support now means these families are not forgotten.

We are determined to make 2024 a year in which we reach more people than ever and your support is giving us hope, as well as to the families we care for, thank you.