A Goat Loan for a Family

In Darfur, Goats save lives! Goat’s milk stops children from being malnourished, and a mother can sell surplus milk and yoghurt at market to earn what is often her first ever income. Five nanny goats are lent to each beneficiary family in a village, and a billy goat is shared between every three families. After 2 years each family passes on five first born offspring to another family in need. And so on! Why Goats?

£50 ($62) provides one Nanny Goat
£66 ($80) provides one Billy Goat to be shared between three families
£250 ($305) provides five Nanny Goats to one family
£272 ($333) provides five Nanny Goats to a family and a Billy Goat (shared between three families)

If you would like to donate a Goat on behalf of a loved one and order a Gift Certificate, please fill in the ‘Order Notes’ section upon checkout with these details:  Donor Name and Recipient Name (as you wish them to appear on the certificate), Message, and the address or email address that you would like us to send it to.  Feel free to email us these details at contact@kidsforkids.org.uk with your order reference number.