Delivering emergency aid

A Local boy with a Goat

It has been a terrible year since the violence erupted in April in Sudan. Virtually no aid reaches remote villages in Darfur. Families who live in remote villages, hundreds of miles away from the regional capital El Fasher in North Darfur, have been left with nothing. Kids for Kids is the only organisation helping these communities who live out of sight of the world.

At long last we have found a means of delivering emergency aid to remote villages in North Darfur right now. One of the problems was that banks across the country had closed and with inflation sky high it has been impossible to find means of helping. Our volunteers are exceptional people, despite all their anxieties for their own families, they are keen to help Kids for Kids deliver assistance to our villages. During the many years of violence, Kids for Kids has always managed to support families. I am optimistic that even now our volunteers will not give up.

Sorghum, mosquito nets, veterinary drugs, and most important of all, spare parts and repair kits for hand pumps are all ready to go. Hand pumps have been massively over used night and day, and many are in need of repair.  We are desperate to get them working again.  All of this despite ongoing violence. Of course, our first priority is to ensure the safety of all who help us.

Longer term we must support as many other communities as we can, including and especially, providing health care to humans and animals. As Joanna Lumley says, the health of the animals is closely linked to the health of the children.   Our villages are growing as people move to them because of what they offer. It is even more important to ensure we have funds available to enable us to adopt more villages as soon as it is possible to do so.  Goats have never been more important.

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