The Gift of Water – 13 New Hand Pumps drilled

If this isn’t THE MOST FANTASTIC CHRISTMAS PRESENT we don’t know what is!  

At last at last at last ….. we have been encouraging the Water & Sanitation Department to drill these handpumps for months and months.

You cannot begin to imagine how amazing it feels to give the gift of Water to our villages in Darfur.

Take a look at this wonderful video showing just when water was struck..!

Can you help change lives forever and give children and their families access to clean, fresh water?

Not only will there be life-giving water available for themselves and their animals but also, with a hand pump close by, children no longer need to spend days walking under the hot desert sun to reach water which is often miles away from their village.

Instead they have time to attend our kindergartens, gain an education and can dream of a future out of poverty.

Gift a hand pump today and you will change lives not only now but for generations to come.

Donate to our water projects here and give the gift of life.