Soap – to Fight Covid-19

Prevention and social distancing are the only known ways to stop Covid-19 from spreading.  Please will you assist us in providing five bars of soap to each family in Kids for Kids’ villages?

Please feel free to donate any amount that you can, as every penny will help us provide more soap to families during this crisis. To give you an idea of the amount needed, £20 provides 5 bars of soap, an instruction leaflet, and transport to the village – for 10 families.  £380 will provide soap for a whole village, and £3,040 will provide soap for 8 villages.

Please choose from the range of donation amounts below.

We are not going to be clear of the danger caused by Covid-19 for many months. If it takes off in Africa, families in Darfur, Sudan, where water is scarce and people are struggling to eat, face real danger. We must provide soap urgently.


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