Our 22nd Birthday Wish-List!

With Kids for Kids celebrating our 22nd Birthday on 8th March 2023 – International Women’s Day – could you give us the best birthday present and support us in helping the forgotten children, their mothers and families in Darfur?

Looking back over the past 22 years, we have accomplished some remarkable achievements that have transformed the lives of many in the communities we serve.

We have adopted 110 remote villages in Darfur, supporting 560,000 people.

We’ve distributed 120,800 Goats , trained 400 midwives , installed 105 hand pumps and built 14 Kindergartens!

Not only that but we’ve planted 59,000 seedlings to help combat climate change!

And lots more besides….but we’re not done yet!

We have big plans for 2023 that we believe will make even more significant impacts. 

Conditions are the worst we have known – we must give even more support than ever before!

We want to…

  1. Adopt 5 new villages (£22,000 each), hold training sessions (£500) on our sustainable projects and introduce our Goat loan (£50 per Goat, £250 for 5 Goats for a family) and Donkeys (£65) to the poorest families

       Additional projects:

  1. Train 56 Midwives (£2,000 each) for villages adopted in 2018, 2019, 2021 and 2022
  2. Train 10 First Aid Workers (£400 each) for 5 villages adopted in 2020
  3. Refresher training of 26 first aid worker trainees from villages adopted in 2019/2021— plus provision of first aid kits
  4. Drill and install 5 New hand pumps (£6,500 each) at 5 villages adopted in 2022
  5. Install a Solar submersible or Gasoline submersible pump (please donate what you can to our water projects) at one of these villages Mireikhis, Hashab Baraka, Um Judoul, Um Ajaja or Maagila
  6. Distribute emergency food items (please donate whatever you can to the Greatest Need) as required for Kids for Kids villages
  7. Provide chickens (£15 for 3 laying hens and a rooster) for elderly in 10 of our Kids for Kids villages
  8. Distribute 300 Blankets (£25 each) to 150 goat beneficiaries in the 5 villages adopted in 2022
  9. Distribute Mosquito Nets (£18 for 2)  to villages not adopted this year
  10. Build 2 new kindergartens (£20,000 each) or (£20 for 30 bricks), provide shoes and uniform (£50), library books (£20) and one year’s education for children (£90)
  11. Build 2 new family Heath Units (£20 for 30 bricks)
  12. Build 2 new Veterinary Centres (£20 for 30 bricks)
  13. Supervision of the Rotation of Goats in 2020 villages
  14. Supervision of Annual Meetings in 2021 & 2022 villages
  15. Supervision of Rotation of Goats and inspection of projects in older villages

 Which project would you most like to support for our 22nd birthday?

Donate today and receive a Gift Certificate to give to a loved one for their birthday or special event!

Become a Children’s Champion and name your project after a loved one!  

We need your help like never before.