Eid al-Fitr – Donate your Zakat and Sadaqah and Save Lives

To celebrate Ramadan this year, donate your Zakat before Eid al-Fitr or Sadaqah and give a Goat in honour of a loved one and save a child’s life in Darfur.

It is a real time of need in Darfur.

The current violence has decimated Sudan, and nowhere worse than in Darfur.  Today the regional capital of North Darfur, El Fasher itself, is under attack.  Across the whole of Sudan there is a massive failure of telecommunications and internet services.  The UN reports that “the complete loss of communications across Sudan hinders all efforts to coordinate the delivery of humanitarian aid, which is urgently and vitally needed by more than 25 million Sudanese”.  The country is on its knees.  Over 10 million people have lost everything and are homeless.  The UN has said that Sudan ‘is the worst humanitarian crisis in the world today’.  Children are dying right now from starvation in Darfur.

Donate your Zakat before Eid or Sadaqah: Give a Goat and receive a personalised Gift Certificate for a loved one.

We lend families 5 Goats so mothers can give protein-rich milk to their severely malnourished children. After two years, as the little flock grows, 5 Nanny Goats are passed on to another family to benefit. And so the sustainable life-giving cycle continues.

Donate a Goat before Eid and we will send you a unique personalised Gift Certificate for you to gift to a loved one.

How to Order:

  1. Visit our website and choose the gift you would like to give – a Goat to give nutritional milk or, of course, if you would prefer to donate something else, we would be delighted – all items are essential. Just click here to choose your item.
  2. Make your donation online. As you check out, the website will ask you for any ‘Order Notes’ you may have. In this box please write details of the Gift Certificate(s), such as the special event you are celebrating and the correct spelling of all names. Please include To, From, Special Occasion and any other message you would like. Please also detail where you would like it emailed or mailed.
  3. We create a Gift Certificate just for your loved one!  The perfect gift – a gift that keeps on giving.

Help us Save Children’s Lives

We give your gift to a family in Darfur, and create a personalised Gift Certificate for your loved one. All our projects are sustainable so your gift will go on to help more and more families each year.

Kids for Kids is helping people to help themselves, stay in their homes, and give children a chance at a better future. Our sustainable projects lift families out of poverty and transform whole communities long-term.  Every donation you make will help us to continue our life saving work in Darfur.  Your support will make certain we are able to adopt new villages again this year, and help even more families living in horrible poverty.

If you have any questions or need any additional help please email contact@kidsforkids.org.uk.

We are more than happy to help!

Donate real Goats now and save lives this Eid.

Please could you help us spread the word?

Celebrating Ramadan in the UK? Please download our Ramadan Appeal UK and share it with friends and family.

Celebrating Ramadan outside the UK? Please download our Ramadan Appeal International and share it with friends and family.

Thank you and have a very happy Eid!