Dame Joanna Lumley – at last!

Huge congratulations to our wonderful Patron, Joanna Lumley OBE, who has been made a Dame in the Queen’s New Year Honours list.   “Joanna’s work with often little known charities is exceptional” says our Founder Patricia Parker OBE. “If anyone deserves to be honoured it is dear Joanna.   I hope she will not mind my saying that it is not just her name which she gives to Kids for Kids, but she is enormously generous to us too, and I know we are one of many charities she supports.   Joanna is loved across the country and rightly so.  This honour is long overdue and there could not be a more deserving, unassuming, lovely person to become a Dame.”

Joanna Lumley has  been honoured for services “to drama, entertainment and charity” and we cannot thank her enough for everything she has done to support Kids for Kids over the years.

During lockdown recently, Joanna led our ‘Draw a Goat for Darfur’ children’s competition with her beautiful ‘Dandy’ Goat to help us entertain children here, but it is her indefatigable support for children in Darfur that is so inspirational.  She often hosts our magical Candlelit Christmas Concert in London and her Readings – all chosen by her – hold us spellbound.  Patricia says  “Dame Joanna deserves this accolade just for all the support she gives Kids for Kids – add all the other, often obscure, causes she supports,  and you will see why we are so very proud of our wonderful Patron”.

Joanna Lumley said her damehood was “extraordinary” and “completely unexpected”.

She initially thought the formal letter was bad news, but “burst into tears” when she realised it was offering her an honour. “It was an extraordinary shock,” she told BBC News. “I put my head in my hands and sobbed like a baby.

“Then I thought, how has this happened? Is it a mistake? I truly was completely thrown by it, and thrilled to bits, and so touched.”

We are delighted for Joanna and would like to wish her all the best for a very happy 2022.

Shaun runs London Marathon for Kids for Kids

We would like to say a huge congratulations to Shaun Gorvin & his wife Lucy for completing the London Marathon last Sunday.

Hearing of Challenge20 and having obtained a place in the London Marathon through the ballot system, Shaun could think of no better cause than to try and raise some money for Kids for Kids.

Shaun’s time was 4 hours and 52 minutes, with Lucy beating him by just 30 seconds!

It was Shaun and his wife Lucy’s first marathon. Lucy is an NHS psychologist and when working with cardiac patients four years ago decided she should practice what she preached and start exercising. Shaun joined her on the ‘couch to 5k App’ and realising the physical and psychological benefits of running, has gradually built up the miles too. With regular Parkrun and other organised events, he feels running is now very social and much more fun than anticipated!

During the run they were cheered on by friends and family, and even managed to spot their grandchildren in the crowd!

In total, Shaun has managed to raise a HUGE £1,644.20! That’s a lot of goats!

These sponsorship funds will make such a difference to the lives of so many in Darfur. Thank you, Shaun!

If you are interested in doing your own Challenge Event in aid of Kids for Kids check out our Challenge20 page below or email lily@kidsforkids.org.uk to get involved!

Standing Up for Goats with a SUP 20 Mile Challenge

If you happened to think you saw a GOAT paddleboarding down the River Thames the other day, you may not have been mistaken..!!

A member of the Kids for Kids’ Team, Charlotte Allum, decided to take on a Challenge20, dressed as a goat to raise awareness for the Forgotten Children of Darfur.

Charlotte and some supportive SUP-loving friends started in Goring on Thames at 7am on Saturday 25th September and arrived into Henley on Thames, 20 miles downstream, at 5.30pm the same day!

Charlotte says, “I have loved paddleboarding for the past 2 years but have always loved messing about on (& sometimes in!) the water, rather than taking on serious challenges….until now, of course..! With Kids for Kids celebrating 20 years of supporting Darfur, it seemed only fitting that we attempt 20 miles on a stand up paddleboard (SUP)…dressed as a goat..!”

Charlotte goes on to say “There was lots of planning involved to make sure everyone was safe on the day, a spare paddle was packed just in case and we had hoped for overcast conditions to ensure I wasn’t too toasty as a goat! Amazingly, the conditions could not have been better and the challenge went ‘swimmingly’. We were supported by lovely friends and family, cheering us on from the riverbank; we spotted kingfishers, herons and randomly placed postboxes; we were serenaded by a folk trio, celebrity-spotted by a lovely lady who had just read about us in the Henley Standard, and there was even a hot air balloon fly-by to herald our arrival into Henley! We could not have asked for a more perfect day! We were all pretty exhausted after paddling 20 miles but a glass of champagne, a shower on the safety boat and a trip to the pub in Henley were a great way to celebrate!”

The Thames-based Team have together managed to raise a mighty £1030 with this sponsored challenge – thank you so much to all their supporters!

If you would like to support the team and give a little sponsorship, there is still time – just click here!

This money will help provide 20 Goats for Kids for Kids’ 20th anniversary – that’s 5 Goats to each of the 4 poorest families in a village adopted by Kids for Kids. The nutritional goats’ milk will provide sustenance for the starving children and give mothers the possibility of an income for the first time, by selling any excess milk. After 2 years, as the flock grows, 5 Goats will then be passed on from each of these 4 families to another 4 families to benefit – and so the sustainable cycle continues. Just think how many children will benefit over the years!

And, what’s more….now that the SUP20 Team have reached their target of £1000, Charlotte has promised that several of them will attempt…wait for it….a headstand on a paddleboard…!! We can’t wait to see more pictures! Best of luck, Team – together you’ve GOAT this!!


Charlotte would like to give a huge heart-felt THANK YOU to the team of friends and family who supported her on her SUP adventure on the day, namely:

Iain, Pete & Leo for being a fabulous safety boat crew, patiently waiting behind, providing the tunes, lols and pouring the champagne at the end!

Sarah S, Ben & Daniel for being part of the safety boat crew, spurring the team on and shaking the collection bucket at every lock!

James, Ollie, Poppy, Davey, Karen, Ben, Emma & Nicky, for being the land-based team of supporters, providing encouraging cheers, hugs & waves whenever they could!

Doug for being the canoe-based safety crew and also patiently going at a speed much slower than he would normally..!

Lucy, Caz and Sarah F for being the best SUP buddies a girl could wish for! So much support, giggles and wonderful photos – THANK YOU ALL!!

Charlotte would also like to apologise to the poor dog at Marsh Lock who she scared with her goat get-up…oops, sorry!


Thank you so much to you all – now, I wonder what the next Challenge20 will be..!!

Could you take on a Challenge20? Here are some inspirational ideas…!

And in the meantime, here are some photos of our SUP20 challenge…


Waiting for the rains to come . . .

During this time of year in Darfur, the air is tense with anticipation.

The desert is devoid of all plants, shrubs and other greenery. Families plant what seed they have leftover from the previous year – if any. Many families have to eat the seeds to get through the year.

Now they wait for the rains to come – hopefully July.

Whilst rain will bring fresh hope for a successful and bountiful harvest there is the threat that too much rain may come and wash away the seeds and even their homes and livestock – flooding is a real threat.  When houses are made of straw they stand little chance of survival when the rain is torrential as happened last year.

It is during this time that our water pumps are vital to the people in Darfur, despite the hot dry summer they still have access to fresh clean water from below ground.

In the awful event of flooding – our water pumps are more important than ever – despite water being everywhere, floodwaters will be contaminated and unsafe to drink or even wash in.

Because of your support, communities have a water supply they can rely on. Parents do not have to worry about giving their children dirty water to drink, risking sickness and disease.

With inflation still soaring the cost of drilling for water is at an all-time high but there are still hundreds of villages that do not have access to clean water.

Many women and children are spending their days trekking through the scorching desert to fetch enough water for their families.   For some, the walk is 20 miles.   It is hard to contemplate.

We are so grateful for everything you have helped us achieve these past 20 years but there is still so much more to be done.

Can we rely on your support to help more families in need?  Water is the key to life.

To donate to our water projects please visit: https://www.kidsforkids.org.uk/kids-kids-gift-list/

Trustee Returns to Help Change Lives in Darfur

Kids for Kids is happy to report the return of one of our previous Trustees Patrick Doyle.    Not only was Patrick a key member of our Board but it was he who was the inspiration and leading light for our annual Ambassadors’ Ball which has been so enormously important in raising the profile of Kids for Kids and introducing wonderful new friends to the charity.  Patrick brings a wealth of experience, not least in advising on best business practice.    Behind the scenes, at any charity, there are essential regulations and administrative systems without which no charity could be run effectively.

Patrick and his wife Erika


Patrick and his wife Erika have been outstanding supporters of Kids for Kids for many years.   Handpumps they have funded continue to provide fresh clean water to countless families.  One was so successful that it was upgraded to a submersible pump, supplying water to five entire communities and their animals.    They have recently continued their support by becoming Diamond Children’s Champions!    As Diamond Champions they will be adopting three villages over the period of their commitment – providing the entire package of sustainable projects to each community.

This is quite literally life-changing for hundreds of families and their children.

Patricia said “ This year is turning out to be one of the most desperate years I have known.  Inflation is still soaring and is currently over 340%.   Families are struggling to feed their children.   Flooding and drought destroyed much of last year’s harvests. Darfur is currently in the ‘hungry months’.  The news that Patrick and Erika are to become Diamond Champions could not have come at a better time.   I am more delighted than I can say that Patrick is able to rejoin our Board, despite his own business commitments to his company IDS Ltd and the birth of their third little daughter.  Welcome to little Olivia, our latest little Kids for Kids’ kid.”

If you would like to know more about becoming a Children’s Champion visit: https://www.kidsforkids.org.uk/donate-now/childrens-champion/   or are interested in joining the Board of Kids for Kids as a Trustee please contact Patricia at patricia@kidsforkids.org.uk or for more information visit: https://www.kidsforkids.org.uk/we-are-seeking-a-new-trustee/

Challenge Yourself & Change Lives with Challenge20!

For our 20th year, why not challenge yourself by taking on a CHALLENGE20 and help change the lives of children! 

We’ve already been DANCING FOR 20 HOURS, we now have plans for TEA FOR 20 and, as it gets warmer, we’ll be PADDLE-BOARDING FOR 20 MILES later in the year!

Now it’s your turn to join us and choose your own Challenge20 to make a difference to the dire situation in Darfur!

At this time of year there is still grass in many areas of Darfur, and normally we would expect people to be able to give their children three, albeit simple, meals before the heat of summer. Summer months are always known as the “hungry” months. Sadly this year, for months now, many families have been surviving on just one scant meal. To make things worse, conflict has again erupted in the region. Fuel continues to be in short supply, and bread queues are long every day, with loaves halved in size and rationed.

These children and families need your help now!

Take on a Challenge, raise much-needed funds and become part of their family, their dreams, their future. You can be their Guardian Angel! ❤️


Love walking? …… Why not walk 20 laps of your local park and ask your friends to join you? Or perhaps walk for 20 days in a row?

Love running? …… Why not challenge yourself to run 20 miles? Or even 20 marathons in a year?!

Love baking? …… We’re sure 20 friends would love 20 of your cakes – ask them for a donation each!

Love reading? …… Could you read 20 books in a year?

You get the idea!!

Tennis or Trampolining, Cricket or Crafting, Board games or Boating….

Whatever you LOVE doing, make it into a Challenge20!


Could you raise £20, £200 or even £2,000?

Set up a Sponsorship Page and get sharing it with friends & family!

Have FUN whilst FUNDRAISING and help us raise desperately needed FUNDS for the children and families of Darfur.


Perhaps you’re already signed up to a Triathlon, Iron Man or the London Marathon!

Maybe you have always dreamed of walking the South West Coastal path or cycling from Land’s End to John O Groats?

Whatever your challenge, do it for KIDS FOR KIDS!

We are keen to help you! We can help set up your fundraising page, support you with local publicity, or just cheer you on!

This is the year to get out there and achieve your ambitions – we will be with you every step of the way!

What will your Challenge20 be? Find out more here!

20 years of Celebration – Smiles, Laughter and Tears – our 20th Birthday Party

Live Zoom brought together Joanna Lumley OBE, Miriam Margolyes OBE, Julie Etchingham, Timothy West and Dame Rosalind Marsden KCMG – all Patrons of Kids for Kids – supporters from around the world, and our Founder Patricia Parker MBE and Trustee Alastair King-Smith, to celebrate 20 years of helping children the rest of the world has forgotten, on 8th March this year – International Women’s Day. “It’s hard to believe it was 20 years ago when 19 influential ladies joined me in Khartoum to see how we could help the invisible families in Darfur” said Patricia. “That was the birth of Kids for Kids all those years ago.  And we’re not stopping now!”

If you missed the celebration, you can still catch up – or re-live it – via the link at the end of this article and, if you would like to make a donation as a birthday present for our 20th Birthday please do consider donating to The Greatest Need to help children in Darfur now when they need us the most.

In what can only be described as an emotional night, Patricia regaled the audience with stories from across the years -from how she started the charity all those years ago, to how she and her son Alastair, now one of the charity’s Trustees, were kidnapped at gunpoint, to the thousands of people that the Charity has supported through the years.

With special birthday messages from long time volunteer Hazel Oberst who has volunteered for 19.5 years, and Beverley Wheeler who has supported the charity from 1994, to Sage Lancaster who first heard of Kids for Kids when just 7 years old, becoming a successful fundraiser including working for the charity before restarting her studies this year, and Omniat Osman, a new Sudanese supporter, and, from Sudan, Hatim Abu Sineina our dedicated Volunteer Chairman in Khartoum who has supported Kids for Kids for the entire 20 years.

Highlights included former Ambassador and EU Representative to Sudan, Dame Rosalind Marsden, who brought us up to date with events in Sudan, and in particular how these affected Darfur which has historically always experienced the worst deprivation and suffering.

One of the most memorable and joyful moments of the evening was being joined by the one and only Joanna Lumley, a Patron of many years,  who spoke to Patricia about the charity and the amazing work it has achieved and also what is in store for the next 20 years.   In addition to helping as many new villages as possible – three in 2021 to celebrate our 20th Birthday – Trees for the Future is a long term plan including a plantation of Moringa trees whose seeds can be used to purify water.

In Joanna’s own words ‘ I love the idea of trees healing the earth, they seem to be wise old beings’

But that was not all!  Joining in the birthday messages were Julie Etchingham whose moving tribute to Kids for Kids set the scene for the evening,  Miriam Margolyes who joined us from Tuscany and the much loved Timothy West all told us their reasons for supporting Kids for Kids.

Both Timothy and Julie said they were already looking forward to the Candlelit Christmas concert this year as it ‘ brings hope to people who are desperately in need.’   Please Note:   there are plans for a full live Concert at St Peter’s Eaton Square in London on Thursday 2nd December with the wonderful choirs from Queen’s Gate School.   “We are expecting a sell out” said Patricia “who is not longing to be with friends and celebrate together?”

The fun didn’t end there, with a quiz to keep people on their toes with a few trick questions thrown in – and to finish off,  a collective redition of Happy Birthday over Zoom from all over the world – perhaps a little out of tune but the joy and celebration were palpable!

It was an evening filled with love and support.  Thank you everyone for joining us to celebrate our FIRST twenty years.

. . .Here’s to the Future!

Listen to our wonderful 20th Birthday Messages

We are so incredibly lucky to have such fabulous Patrons and supporters.

Listen to some of the wonderful 20th Birthday messages we received in March 2021 from our Patrons, Joanna Lumley OBE, Miriam Margolyes OBE, Timothy West CBE, Julie Etchingham, and our volunteers and supporters, Hatim Abu Sineina, Hazel Oberst, Beverley Wheeler, Sage Lancaster and Omniat Osman.


Missed our 20th Birthday Celebration?

If you were unable to join us live on Monday 8th March or would like to share the celebrations with friends and family, you can access a recording of the full Event here.

We asked everyone who joined us on 8th March to make a donation and we would be so grateful if you could do the same. Please do consider donating to The Greatest Need to help children in Darfur now when they need us the most.


Girls Lift Lockdown Blues to Dance for Darfur

A group of young girls aged 11 and 12 have decided to put their love of dancing to good use and spread joy this lockdown to support us in raising much-needed funds for the children of Darfur.

Alice Bodimeade (12), Maegan Tovey (12), Laila Ball (11) and Rosetta Logan (11) are hoping to lift the lockdown blues by helping to organise the Greatest of All Time (GOAT!) Virtual Disco on Saturday 6th March to encourage friends and family to get together online, have fun dancing and support Kids for Kids who have been helping the forgotten children of Darfur in Sudan for the past 20 years.

These dance-loving girls understand that in Darfur children of their age and younger desperately need their help right now. Families are living off one scant meal a day and starvation is a very real threat. Flash floods have washed away crops, inflation is over 300% and, with the average annual wage being the equivalent of £12, it is hard to know how they can survive.  The cost of basic essentials has sky-rocketed, there’s very limited access to clean water, healthcare and education. Kids for Kids’ projects help change all that, starting with goats to help provide nutritious milk to protect against malnutrition and allowing mother’s an income for the first time by selling excess milk & yoghurt.  Kids for Kids lend the goats so that, when the same number are then passed on to another family two years later, more and more children benefit from just one goat loan. Kids for Kids also install hand-pumps for access to clean water, build kindergartens and health and veterinary centres, train paravets, first aiders and, crucially, village midwives. The list goes on…and Kids for Kids has been doing all this for 20 years!

So, in celebration of Kids for Kids’ 20th anniversary in March, the girls are helping to organise our Greatest of All Time (GOAT!) Virtual Disco which will last a whopping 20 hours! The fun will start online at 12pm on Saturday 6th March and continue through the night until 8am on Sunday 7th March so that children and adults, friends and family, can join to cheer them on, raise valuable funds and dance away their lockdown blues at a time that suits them. Everyone welcome, there’s no need to dance for the 20 hours – just join for 20 mins, 2 hours, as long as you like – and invite 20 friends! There will be disco classics, latest chart-toppers, requests and shout-outs – something for everyone! Come along and show off your GOAT (Greatest of All Time) Moves!  See what these super girls say below:

Rosetta Logan (11) realises that lots of people need a lift this lockdown and encourages everyone to join this GOAT Virtual Disco. Rosetta says, “When I’m happy, sad or angry, I just put on the music and I just dance. Dancing gives me the feeling of being free. It’s a terrible experience for the people in Darfur. I really want to help them and help get the food and the medication they need.”

Alice Bodimeade (12) also loves to express her feelings through dance and says she was keen to join this project because she loves helping people and seeing people happy. Alice says, “I know lots of people need help in the world especially during these times. It makes me realise how fortunate I am to have food and water.”

Laila Ball (11) explains why she too was keen to get involved with disco. “I love to dance with friends and it gives me a nice feeling inside to be able to help the children in Darfur at the same time.”

Maegan Tovey (12) has been dancing since she was 2 years old and doesn’t feel she’s stopped since!  “Dancing has always been my passion because it is a way I can feel free, more relaxed, calm. Even if I am sad I get up and the music makes me move and have a good time. We are organising this Virtual Disco for Kids for Kids as I thought what a good way to help those people get food and water whilst participating in something that I love doing. So come and join us for as many hours as you like and have a boogie!”

Come and join the Greatest of All Time (GOAT) Virtual Disco at any time from Sat 7th March 12pm until Sun 8th March 8am and dance away your lockdown blues!

Tickets available for a min. donation of £10 per family, join at a time that suits you for as long as you like. There will be disco classics, latest chart-toppers, requests and shout-outs – something for everyone!

For further details of this Greatest of All Time (GOAT) Virtual Disco and to support these motivational girls, click here.


20 Hour Disco Dancing for Darfur!

WOW that was GREAT FUN!! Pretty challenging to dance for 20 hours – but great fun!!

We were grooving, we were twirling, we were twisting….we were even moon-walking!! And we have just about recovered..!!

Thank you so much to all of you who could join us to celebrate our 20th Birthday at our 20 hour Greatest of All Time (GOAT!) Virtual Disco which started at midday on Saturday 6th March and finished at 8am on Sunday 7th March!

It was so lovely to see friends and supporters from all over the World being able to celebrate with us and bring their friends and family too – one of the perks of hosting events online these days! We were even joined by disco dancing Goats at Wookey Farm – who would have thought it!

We would like to say an EVEN BIGGER THANK YOU to the lovely girls who helped us organise this event – Alice, Maegan, Laila & Rosetta. They each took a DJ slot and dedicated disco classics & current chart-toppers to their very supportive friends and family. We really could not have done it without you – THANK YOU!

We hope you had a wonderful time, letting your hair down, dancing away your lockdown blues and throwing your Greatest of All Time – GOAT – moves! We absolutely loved them!!

And as for the outfits – wow! We were dazzled by disco lights, mesmerised by sequins and wondering at the wigs – thank you for making such an effort!

We have just about recovered from dancing for 20 hours! Wow, our legs were a little shaky but, with friends in the UK staying up with us until 1am, friends from New Zealand dropping in at 3am,  and whole families joining us at 5am, you kept us going right into the early hours of Sunday and beyond – we are so so grateful!

This was our FIRST CHALLENGE20 and YOU helped us raise over £2000 for the Children of Darfur – thank you so much for your support and generosity!


Could you take on your own Challenge20?

If you’re feeling motivated, we would LOVE you to take on your own CHALLENGE20 for us!

Why not walk 20 laps around your local park? Or run 20 miles in 20 days? Or perhaps bake 20 cakes for friends & family in 20 hours? Whatever you’re into, this challenge is all about YOU!

Sign up to a CHALLENGE20 here – get fit, have fun, but most importantly FEEL GOOD & DO GOOD whilst you’re at it!


Missed the Fun but would still like to Donate?

If you missed out on the fun but would still like to make a difference, please do donate here.

Every little helps for the children of Darfur right now!

Thank you so much for all your support.



Kids for Kids Celebrates 20 Years!

Something to Celebrate! This year, 2021, marks our 20th anniversary! That’s two decades of transforming the lives of over 550,000 people in 105 villages in one of the most inaccessible areas of the world.

Please join our Founder Patricia Parker and Trustees on our Birthday on 8th March 2021 – International Women’s Day – when we are inviting you to join our virtual Birthday Celebratory Evening.  This year of course we cannot yet meet in person so please join our Virtual Party via Zoom at 7.00p.m.   Patricia will bring you up to date with the news from Darfur.  Join our Patrons, Trustees and find out why people have been supporting Kids for Kids, some for all of our 20 years! There will be messages from friends from around the world, including special friends from Sudan, and we will be inviting you to join in too with our Kids for Kids Quiz – testing your knowledge of all you will learn on the evening, from how to tell a goat from a sheep to how many kids you have helped us lend to children!   And please think about what you would like us to do in our next 20 years.  There is something for everyone so come and join the celebrations and let’s make this year our best year yet!

As well as our Big Birthday Celebrations on 8th March we are planning more fun birthday Challenges and Events  and would love you to get involved! Fancy raising vital funds by taking on a sponsored Challenge 20 for our 20th year? Or dancing the night away at our Greatest of All Time (GOAT!) Virtual Disco on 6th March?  Have a disco night with friends from all over – and if you want to add to the fun, challenge friends to get sponsored for 20 hours of dancing – or 20 friends to do 20 minutes each?!   Choose your music – we’ll pass on messages – let’s dance! 

Please do take time to hear more from Patricia Parker MBE, Founder of Kids for Kids, in her recent message BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS 2021 and learn about our Achievements in Darfur 2020 and what we have planned for the future to help more families in desperate need in Darfur.


With Valentine’s Day coming up on 14th February, why not give your loved one a gift to remember?  See our LOVE-ly Valentine’s Certificate.

And with Mother’s Day  on 14th March, why not change a Mother’s life in Darfur by donating a goat and receive a beautiful personalised Gift Certificate to present to your own lovely Mum?

The people of Darfur really do need us more than ever now. Please do consider becoming a Regular Giver or Childrens Champion or even Leaving a Lasting Legacy for Kids for Kids – your support will change lives for years to come.

FEELING LUCKY?   Fancy your chances of Winning the Lottery, what better Lottery than the Kids for Kids 100 Club where every ticket you purchase helps improve the lives of children living in extreme poverty in Darfur?   Give a ticket to a friend – a chance of winning all year.

The documents mentioned are included in our 2021 Spring Mailing and Email. If you haven’t signed up already for our news mailings, then please get in touch. We only send two mailings a year, and we would love to include you!

2021 Spring Mailing Documents (all in one place!):


Celebrate Special Family Occasions with Special Gifts!

This is the year to celebrate!

After a year in and out of lockdown, 2021 is the year when we can all get together to celebrate WEDDINGS, ANNIVERSARIES, BIRTHDAYS and any other special occasions we can think of!

We bet you’re as excited as we are to be able to see friends and family again, to celebrate together and have FUN!

And perhaps you’re searching for something special to mark these momentous occasions? Or looking for a unique gift that keeps on giving?

Times have been hard here but, as we’re meeting up with our families and loved ones, spare a thought for families further afield who are experiencing  much tougher times.

With crops failing and inflation sky-rocketing in Darfur, food is scarce and children are surviving on one scant meal a day. Why not donate a goat to provide nourishing milk to a family desperately in need? Or chickens to provide the elderly with a source of protein? Or a donkey plough to help families grow crops more efficiently?

Whatever you choose to donate, you will receive a unique personalised Gift Certificate to give to your loved ones.

Give with LOVE and make a difference in Darfur! ❤️

How to Order:

  1. Visit our website and choose the gift you would like to give.  This can be absolutely anything from a Goat, Donkey, TreesMosquito Nets,  Farm Tools,  Education for a child for the year, 100 Club Lottery Tickets, or anything else you desire!
  2. Make your donation online. As you check out, the website will ask you for any ‘Order Notes’ you may have. In this box please write details of the Gift Certificate(s), such as the special event you are celebrating and the correct spelling of all names. Please include To, From, Special Occasion and any other message you would like. Please also detail where you would like it emailed or mailed.
  3. We create a Gift Certificate just for your loved one!  The perfect gift – a gift that keeps on giving.

We give your gift to a family in Darfur, and create a personalised Gift Certificate for your loved one. All our projects are sustainable so your gift will go on to help more and more families each year.

Kids for Kids is helping people to help themselves, stay in their homes, and give children a chance at a better future. Our sustainable projects lift families out of poverty and transform whole communities long-term.  Every donation you make will help us to continue our life saving work in Darfur. 2020 was a difficult year in Sudan, and a lot has changed. Despite difficulties, we were able to adopt eight new villages in Darfur last year.  Your support will make certain we are able to adopt new villages again this year, and help even more families living in horrible poverty.

If you have any questions or need any additional help please email contact@kidsforkids.org.uk.

We are more than happy to help!



New Year Message from Kids for Kids


2021 is a special year for Kids for Kids, it is our 20th birthday!

Kids for Kids celebrates 20 years of helping the forgotten children of Darfur on 8th March this year – two decades in which we have transformed the lives of over 550,000 people in 105 villages in one of the most inaccessible places in the world.  A journey that started with a young boy’s seven hour walk for water across the deserts of Darfur, to a handpump miles from his home.

I was shocked not just to find a nine-year-old undertaking this exhausting and onerous duty for his family, but even more so when I learnt that under Darfur there is one of the largest aquafers in Africa. At that time other agencies were present in Darfur but none was providing what I consider the right of every child, indeed of every human being, clean fresh water close to their homes.

Since 2001 Kids for Kids’ unique package of sustainable projects has transformed the lives of children across North Darfur.  There was, and still is, virtually no health care in villages. Not just for humans but for their animals too, which they rely on.   As Joanna Lumley OBE, who is Patron of our charity, says “The health of the animals is closely linked to the health of the children.”   Kids for Kids provides not just basic health care – village midwives, first-aid workers and drugs, plus paravets and veterinary drugs for the animals and much more – but the key project is a Goat Loan.   Five nanny goats are lent to the poorest families in a village for two years, then they pass on the same number of healthy offspring to another family.    Beneficiaries are chosen democratically by the village.   By the time rotation is due the little flock will have grown and not only does it mean the children have access to goat’s milk and all its valuable protein, minerals and vitamins, but the mothers have an income for the first time in their lives.  “I was able to make decisions for my family myself” says Asma, Ibrahim’s mother.  “It transformed my life and my children grew up healthy.”    Many children grow up stunted because of lack of protein, this also compromises bones, teeth and even brain cells. Osman Kibir, former Governor of North Darfur said “Kids for Kids’ Goat Loans improve the IQ of our children”.

This year, whilst we celebrate what we have achieved to date, we have had to re-evaluate our policy of adopting new villages each year. Inflation is out of control in Sudan.  People are struggling to feed their children and starvation is a spectre in almost every village.  With the cancellation of all our events we have fewer funds just when we need them most.  The cost of everything is spiralling in Darfur.  I have a horror of raising the hopes of people and then to find we cannot fulfil our promises.    This year, therefore, Kids for Kids will not only provide supplementary food for families, and extend its Soap Appeal to help fight Covid, but will concentrate on supporting projects with the greatest need, but also ensuring long term benefits.   Our aim is to provide real measurable sustainable help so that the prospect not for individual families, but whole villages, are improved.   No other organisations support these isolated communities.  Every child should have the chance of a better, more prosperous future.   Kids for Kids gives mothers hope.  For 20 years we have remained steadfast in our determination to improve the lives of children long term.

The UN has introduced the Sustainable Development Goals, these address the challenges people in third world countries still face. From poverty to inequality, to climate change and lack of healthcare and education, I am proud to say these issues always have and always will be what Kids for Kids works to prevent through our range of projects. We have had 20 years of putting the aims of the world into practise.

Whilst Kids for Kids is celebrating an important milestone, it is also a reminder that after 20 years there are still children and families in desperate need in Darfur.  Since the overthrow of the 30-year government of Omar Bashir in 2019 Sudan has been suffering an economic crisis.  Inflation is now over 250%. As always it is the most vulnerable who suffer.  Children and families are surviving on a single meal of assida a day.

In many countries there are foodbanks that support people in need, but in Darfur this lifeline does not exist. Kids for Kids is the only organisation working in Darfur to support families in this most desperate time of need.

We understand that times are tough for many people across the world,  but in Darfur children lead lives beyond poverty.  No child should be forgotten.  Please can you help this year?   Kids for Kids is showing that real sustainable help is possible.

Link to Relief Web: https://reliefweb.int/report/sudan/birthday-celebrations-kids-kids-20-years-providing-real-lasting-help-sustainability