Kids for Kids goes to The Palace!

“What an amazing treat Alastair and I had on 25th May!  This year Kids for Kids has been honoured with an OBE for  the support we provide for children in Darfur, and the work we do with children here, showing them how they too can make a difference in the world.  It’s the first formal recognition that the children in our villages are not forgotten.  I cannot tell you how much that means.    To have received this Honour too in such an important year as the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee is particularly special.

To celebrate, I was delighted to be invited to a Garden Party at Buckingham Palace, joined by my sons, Alastair and Douglas, and daughter-in-law.   Running Kids for Kids for 21 years has taken its toll on family time so you can imagine what a joy it was to be able to invite them to be with me.  I have put some of the photographs from the day below.  The garden is huge and a haven for wildlife in the centre of London.   It was of course very special that members of the Royal Family joined us.   Kate looked stunning – her beautiful hat and floaty eau-de-nil dress were of course wonderful. But Prince William was a surprise – he looked so much younger and slimmer than images we see in the press and on television!

We had an unforgettable day at Buckingham Palace, meeting really special people, all of whom had served the world in some way.  For me it was particularly moving that it was all because of one small child whose life seemed beyond hardship.   Now, because of him, there are 110 Kids for Kids villages.   His small son is at our kindergarten in his village.   There are handpumps there.   They grow vegetables.  And of course, he drinks goat’s milk!   And I went to Buckingham Palace!  I could not have imagined any of that 21 years ago!

Thank you so much for all your support over the years – without you none of this would have happened!”

Patricia Parker OBE




Villages can choose their Trees

Well, it’s coming up to tree-planting time in Darfur and, more exciting than that, it’s coming up to trans-planting time!

This is when the Village Leaders from the newest villages come up to the Kids for Kids’ Tree Nursery in El Fasher which YOU have helped us renovate and get to choose the varieties of trees YOU have helped us plant for their own villages.

Of the 14 different varieties of drought-resistant trees we plant, the Leaders will seek out trees with by-products which will help nourish children and their families and give most financial benefit when sold.   Many of the trees have leaves that are  full of vitamin C for example.

There are always citrus trees chosen to provide shade and fruit by individual houses.

Normally a Neem or Moringa tree will also be included in the selection as they provide vital shade under their expansive branches for everyone – children, animals and the larger gatherings for regular Village Meetings.

It really is surprising how quickly these trees can grow!

And now that we have recently drilled and installed 6 new handpumps, the watering and care of trees will be so much easier. Without handpumps close by, it is a long walk for water and hard labour to water the trees, with water often miles away across the desert, but after the first two years the tap roots will have reached the water table, and they will survive.

Can you imagine how excited the 5 new villages will be to receive their trees?

There are just over 3,000 children in the 5 villages we have adopted this year – Hillat Sabil, Hillat Um Gadeer, Katonta, Korla and Kudeil – who can’t wait to play in the shade of a tree! There are 922 goats and 930 donkeys already in our villages which will benefit from shady trees to be planted nearer families’ homes.

In those villages where there are kindergartens, trees will be planted for children to learn in the shade and be educated about the benefits of plants. By health centres, trees will be planted to provide shade for those who are waiting and visiting their relatives.

These trees will make a vast difference to so many lives!

And you can continue to make a difference too!

Thank you so much for all you have given so far but there is always more to do.  Please will you help us plant more trees this year to change many more lives to come?  Every tree we plant helps to stabilise the desert and hold back the sahara.

Just $19 will plant 3 trees outside individual straw huts to provide shade and fruit, $46 plants 5 drought-resistant trees or $56 is enough for 20 fruit trees for a village.

Please donate here today and give what you can: Trees for Climate Change | Kids For Kids

Thank you so much for all your support!



ISB children raise vital funds with Walk for Water

Wow!  We are truly thankful to the students at the International School of Brooklyn (ISB) who have managed to raise a whopping $2,800 with their third wonderful Walk for Water!

Preschool and Lower School students carried heavy bottles and jugs of water – just like the children in Darfur have to do every day – as they completed sponsored laps around ISB’s block.

The students were so excited to support Kids for Kids that they walked, walked and walked..!

Thank you to all those students and to their wonderful friends and family who sponsored them – you are all superheroes!

The International School of Brooklyn has been an unbelieveable supporter of Kids for Kids for many years now.  Can you help children in Darfur, just like these children have?

It all started when Patricia Parker OBE, Founder of Kids for Kids, went to visit the Southbank International School in North London 21 years ago! A little girl there, Sage, was so enamoured with the work of Kids for Kids that she told her whole family about it and, year after year, always asked for a goat certificate for Christmas.

When Sage’s family moved back to the States a few years later, her little 6 year-old brother, Owen, was enrolled at the International School of Brooklyn – and that’s when this wonderful relationship began!

ISB decided to do a Walk for Water in support of Kids for Kids and their initial walk was enchanting! The children were excited to walk from the school with their empty water bottles to the Brooklyn Boat Pond where they filled them up with water and carried them back to school again. Funnily enough, they were less excited to be carrying the full water bottles when they became so heavy!!

To think of how many lives the children and families of ISB have managed to save since that first Walk for Water is just incredible and quite overwhelming.

The Walk for Water is an amazing initiative and these vital funds raised will help us dig wells to provide desperately-needed clean water to families and their animals in Darfur.

Thank you so much to the International School of Brooklyn and all your supportive students, friends and families who have managed to raise such life-saving funds.

Could you consider organising a Walk for Water with your local school?

Children love helping children their own age and this would be such a positive step in helping these forgotten children in Darfur have access to one of life’s most basic essentials.

Or could you donate to our Water Projects today to provide access to life-saving clean water to children, their families and their animals?

Thank you so much – Water really is life.



Challenge yourself for 2022!

With a New Year comes a new challenge!

This New Year, why not take on a challenge and support Kids for Kids to make a real difference and change children’s lives?

Taking part in a challenge event gives you a great opportunity to achieve your own personal goals, or explore a beautiful place and raise funds for families in one of the most disadvantaged parts of the world.


Keen Cyclist? We have 10 spaces up for Grabs in Ride London-Essex100 2022

Put your Lockdown cycling-skills to good use and join us on Sunday 29 May 2022 for Ride London which, this year, takes on an exciting new route – 100 miles on traffic-free roads through the heart of London and neighbouring Essex!

Start your cycle on Victoria Embankment and cross the finishing line at the iconic Tower Bridge, with 65 miles through some of Essex’s most beautiful countryside and villages in between.  This is the perfect opportunity to set a new fitness challenge for 2022, and get your friends involved too!

Find out how to secure one of these 10 spots here!


Fancy Your Chances as an Olympian?

Whether rowing, cycling or rafting is your thing, find out more about our ‘Beat the Medalist’ challenges here.

Or prefer to Trek Mountains?

Whether in the Sahara, Iceland or the Lake District, there are plenty of organised challenges to choose from here.

What will YOUR Challenge be in 2022?

Every little bit of fundraising can help, just £50 will buy a goat for a family in Darfur and help them out of poverty.

Last year, our 20th anniversary, we had TEA FOR 20TIPPLES FOR 20WALKS OF 20 MILES & A WALK OF 21120 FEET20 HOUR DISCOS , 20 MILE PADDLEBOARDING and RUNNING challenges!

Have FUN with FUNdraising and take on a challenge too!

There’s only one thing to decide – How YOU want to raise your money!

Whether it’s walking a mile, hiking the highest mountain or fearlessly jumping 13,000 feet out of a plane, there is something for everyone, your efforts really will make a difference to the children of Darfur.

So set a date, set up a fundraising page, set a target and start raising funds for the children of Darfur.  We can help!

Setting up your Fundraising Page

You can set up your fundraising page by following this link:

We hope you feel inspired – Together we’ve GOAT this!

Dame Joanna Lumley – at last!

Huge congratulations to our wonderful Patron, Joanna Lumley OBE, who has been made a Dame in the Queen’s New Year Honours list.   “Joanna’s work with often little known charities is exceptional” says our Founder Patricia Parker OBE. “If anyone deserves to be honoured it is dear Joanna.   I hope she will not mind my saying that it is not just her name which she gives to Kids for Kids, but she is enormously generous to us too, and I know we are one of many charities she supports.   Joanna is loved across the country and rightly so.  This honour is long overdue and there could not be a more deserving, unassuming, lovely person to become a Dame.”

Joanna Lumley has  been honoured for services “to drama, entertainment and charity” and we cannot thank her enough for everything she has done to support Kids for Kids over the years.

During lockdown recently, Joanna led our ‘Draw a Goat for Darfur’ children’s competition with her beautiful ‘Dandy’ Goat to help us entertain children here, but it is her indefatigable support for children in Darfur that is so inspirational.  She often hosts our magical Candlelit Christmas Concert in London and her Readings – all chosen by her – hold us spellbound.  Patricia says  “Dame Joanna deserves this accolade just for all the support she gives Kids for Kids – add all the other, often obscure, causes she supports,  and you will see why we are so very proud of our wonderful Patron”.

Joanna Lumley said her damehood was “extraordinary” and “completely unexpected”.

She initially thought the formal letter was bad news, but “burst into tears” when she realised it was offering her an honour. “It was an extraordinary shock,” she told BBC News. “I put my head in my hands and sobbed like a baby.

“Then I thought, how has this happened? Is it a mistake? I truly was completely thrown by it, and thrilled to bits, and so touched.”

We are delighted for Joanna and would like to wish her all the best for a very happy 2022.

The Gift of Water – 13 New Hand Pumps drilled

If this isn’t THE MOST FANTASTIC CHRISTMAS PRESENT we don’t know what is!  

At last at last at last ….. we have been encouraging the Water & Sanitation Department (WES) to drill these handpumps for months and months.

Following the necessary geographical studies, WES started drilling in Abu Sinait A 2018, Abu Sinait B 2018, Derma 2018 and Maagila 2019, before moving on to 9 other villages.

You cannot begin to imagine how amazing it feels to give the gift of Water to our villages in Darfur.

Take a look at this wonderful video showing just when water was struck..!


Can you help change lives forever and give children and their families access to clean, fresh water?

They will no longer need to spend days walking under the hot desert sun to reach water which is often miles away from their village.

Instead children have time to attend our kindergartens, gain an education and can dream of a future out of poverty.

Gift a hand pump today and you will change lives not only now but for generations to come.

Donate to our water projects here and give the gift of life.

Candlelit Christmas Concert Brings International Friends Together Again

Did you miss our Candlelit Christmas Concert this year? Here’s a little snippet and there’s a link to the whole magical experience further below..!

Joanna Lumley OBE, Timothy West CBE, Lord Cope of Berkeley PC, Julian Lloyd Webber, Jiaxin Cheng and friends help spread Christmas cheer across the globe and raise vital funds for the forgotten children of Darfur.

After the success of last year, Kids for Kids took the magic online once again to share a celebratory mulled wine and mince pie live on Zoom with international friends and enjoy the beautiful Candlelit Christmas concert, filmed earlier this month in St Peter’s Church, London.

Patricia Parker OBE, Founder of Kids for Kids, was delighted to welcome supporters from all over the World including Malta, Norway, Albania, Australia, the USA and, of course, Sudan!

It was such a treat to welcome our supporters and wonderful Patrons – many of them friends for of our 20 years –  surrounded by flickering candles in their own homes, and to raise a glass with everyone across the globe” said Patricia.

The live concert, which once again was generously sponsored by Delamere Dairy, was a sell out long beforehand and voted the best ever. The choirs of Queen’s Gate School sang their hearts out, Thames Fanfare Brass serenaded everyone with wonderful Christmas music and Jiaxin Cheng had the audience spell-bound with her beautiful cello playing. There was fun and laughter during the readings from our Celebrity Patrons and Patricia Parker moved everyone to tears with her inspirational speech. (see link below)

“It is so wonderful to be able to share this magical evening again with our supporters from far and wide,” said Patricia, “and to celebrate 20 years of Kids for Kids together online. My grateful thanks go to Queen’s Gate School, Amy-Elizabeth Hinds, Mountain Video Productions and The Projectors who have enabled us to produce this online concert and to once again start Christmas beautifully with all our international friends.”

Patricia ended her moving Christmas Message this year:

“Twenty years of Kids for Kids. Twenty years of doing all we can to help children no one else is helping. It would be tragic if we stopped now, now when so many children are facing such appalling conditions. We MUST continue, we MUST do all we can, and yes, we MUST go on for another twenty years. We are needed.

The little 9 year old, who first inspired me, Ibrahim, is now 29. He told me last February, that his son is at our Kindergarten. He is not walking long hours for water. He is at school. He is healthy. He is happy. He will not become a refugee. To Ibrahim, and to me, it was a miracle our meeting in the desert 20 years ago. Let’s make more miracles happen.

Children need goats, so they have milk to drink. The land needs trees to grow green again. Those are what I hope Father Christmas will give me this year!

Happy Christmas everyone!”


Make a difference this Christmas! Donate Goats or Trees to Darfur and Gift a Certificate to a loved one – just click here to order.


You can hear more about our live Candlelit Christmas Concert here and read Patricia Parker’s full CHRISTMAS MESSAGE 2021.


Want to watch our wonderful Candlelit Christmas Concert once more?  And for those of you who couldn’t join us, catch up on the magical evening in it’s entirety here.


With grateful thanks to Ros Kamaryc, Principal Queen’s Gate School, Amy-Elizabeth Hinds,  Mountain Video Productions and The Projectors for filming and editing the beautiful recording for Kids for Kids, and to our wonderful sponsors DELAMERE DAIRY



Reverse Advent Calendar – Teach your Children the True Meaning of Christmas


Everyone loves counting down the days to Christmas but this year why not make advent much more meaningful?

Teach your little ones the true meaning of Christmas and encourage them to help those less fortunate than themselves.

With our Kids for Kids’ Reverse Advent Calendar, you can choose a different Gift for Darfur from 1st – 24th December and make a real difference to young lives.


Not only that but this year, thanks to two very generous supporters, all donations received will be DOUBLED until we reach our target of £25,000! So you donate ONE goat…it becomes TWO! You donate TWO trees…they become FOUR! You will be making DOUBLE THE DIFFERENCE!


For every Gift you donate to Darfur, you can choose a personalised Gift Certificate to gift to a friend or family member this Christmas.

So you’re making DOUBLE THE DIFFERENCE to young lives in Darfur & GIVING CHRISTMAS GIFTS to loved ones at the same time!

What could be a more perfect way to teach your children the importance of helping others and seeing the bigger picture this Christmas?


You can either Donate to the Greatest Need – just select a level of donation which will be sent to where it’s needed most – or choose from our list of much-needed items below which will make a real difference to the children of Darfur this Christmas.

Just add them to your shopping basket on a daily basis or plan in advance & add 24 today!

Don’t forget to add the names & addresses of those you would like to give the Gift Certificates to in the notes section so we can send them out in plenty of time to arrive before Christmas Day!

And remember, whatever you donate will be DOUBLED – until we reach our target of £25,000!

Thank you so much for thinking of and supporting the children in Darfur and for teaching your little ones the true meaning of Christmas. This is truly the gift that will keep on giving.

We’re Recruiting! – Join us in Changing Lives

Fundraising and General Manager (UK), Kids for Kids

  • Hybrid role – Dorking/Working from home
  • Competitive salary depending on skills and experience
  • Permanent, Full-time
  • Application Deadline: 30th March 2022


Kids for Kids is the only charity founded specifically to help children in one of the most challenging regions of the world – Darfur, Sudan.

For the past 20 years we have been transforming the lives of children through a unique package of integrated projects, working closely with the communities themselves. Life in remote villages is measurably amongst the most deprived in the world and Kids for Kids’ projects save lives and help them to escape from the trap of poverty. Sustainable development is the key to all we do.

Kids for Kids, to date, is a Founder led organisation. Our projects are so important to the communities of Darfur that we must look to the future and plan for the next 20 years. You will be a key member of the team helping to shape the future for Kids for Kids.

Currently, we have a small, dedicated team. The governance of the charity is overseen by a Board of experienced Trustees, chaired by the Founder and CEO. The public profile of the charity is assisted by a group of high-profile Patrons, including Dame Joanna Lumley OBE FRGS, Miriam Margolyes OBE, Timothy West OBE, The Lord Cope of Berkeley, Eamonn Holmes OBE.

This is a full-time post, leading the fundraising and management of the UK operations whilst supporting the CEO across all the charity’s activities. There are currently two part-time assistants, one based in Berkshire, one in Surrey, as well as our bookkeeper. You will also support our volunteers in the USA. We are in Dorking, Surrey. You will have the flexibility of mainly working from home, but you will need to be within driving distance of Dorking to facilitate weekly attendance at the office (or as agreed), working with the CEO and / or other members of the team.

This is a challenging but immensely rewarding and varied role, requiring someone who is hard-working, efficient and accurate; good at managing their own time. You will need to be dedicated, determined and ambitious, both for yourself and for the charity.


Key Responsibilities

You will be responsible for all aspects of the UK based activities of Kids for Kids, providing oversight, shaping and initiating fundraising and awareness raising efforts as well as the charity’s day to day administration, event management and compliance.

Fundraising will be the major focus of this role and you will bring experience and fresh ideas to the organisation developing an overarching fundraising strategy to significantly scale our approach.

You will run the office, including our databases, website updates, report writing, mailings, e mail and social media campaigns. You will engage with donors and other stakeholders. You will supervise the work of the charity’s part-time assistants and volunteers who support these activities.

You will support the CEO as she shifts to a more strategic role, focussed on higher-profile awareness raising and fundraising, and enhancing the impact of our work in North Darfur.

Description of Role

Leadership of Kids for Kids in the UK

You will have the major role in managing and implementing the charity’s operations and administration.  You will work with the CEO to shape the vision for the charity and support her by ensuring the charity’s employees and volunteers work to implement it.



You will be responsible for fundraising – working with the CEO and team to significantly increase fundraising income by growing the existing activity and proactively identify new donors and ways of generating funds; writing and approving applications to Trusts and grant-making organisation; managing day-to-day contact with donors, large and small, and providing regular updates to existing and potential donors, including mailings and email campaigns and monthly Global Giving and other reports produced for the UK and USA.


Communications and Engagement

You will design and run publicity campaigns to promote the work of the charity.  You will be responsible for the creation of promotional literature, oversee the updating of the charity’s website, organise media, speaking and conference opportunities, and arrange talks and presentations at schools and organisations.  You will identify those opportunities that are worthwhile for the CEO to undertake and which more suitable for you, other employees or volunteers.  You will run the monthly lottery and communication on other fund-raising platforms and handle the charity’s diverse administration.

You will take principal responsibility for the organisation of the charity’s annual events including the Kids for Kids’ Ambassadors’ Ball, the Candlelit Christmas Concert, Fishing Day and Friends’ Event.  You will support the CEO in interacting with our high-profile Patrons and celebrities and maintain the positive reputation of Kids for Kids.

You will assist the CEO in preparing for Trustees’ meetings and provide regular updates to the Trustees as necessary.  You and other team members may play a role in supporting the effective operations of the Surrey, London, Khartoum (and other) Committees, for example by chairing meetings or shaping their discussions and following up on agreed actions.


Management and Compliance

You will have direct line management of the charity’s staff in the UK (excluding Sudan) – currently two part-time assistants and a book-keeper – and be the principal liaison with volunteers, shaping their portfolios and supervising tasking, providing development opportunities and guidance.

You will assist with the preparation of the Annual Accounts, liaising with our external accountants, as well as ensuring accuracy of the monthly management accounts, bank accounts and cash flow.  You will be responsible for the processing of payments and donations.

You will ensure the charity’s database is managed effectively, overseeing input of data, personal details and donations, and ensuring compliance with General Data Protection Regulation.  You will be responsible for ensuring compliance with the Charity Commission, Companies House, legal and other requirements and that the charity is up to date with all such legislation.

You will manage the systems for storing and looking after the charity’s equipment, purchasing for events as well as office management and supplies.


Supervision of work in Sudan

You will support the CEO who has principal responsibility for project identification and implementation in Darfur.  You will analyse reports from Darfur as required and assist with monitoring and evaluation of reports and projects.   There may be opportunities to travel to Sudan subject to travel requirements.




  • You are a dynamic, self-motivated individual who has a record of achievement that demonstrates experience of successful fundraising in the charity sector.
  • You are organised, good at mobilising others and an efficient administrator
  • You have first-class communication and presentational skills, both in written and oral English language
  • You can deliver at pace, focus on attention to detail and high-quality results
  • You have a strong interest in helping those less fortunate



  • Bachelor’s university degree.
  • Experience in managing people, both on the payroll and voluntary, and in administration, managing and running publicity campaigns.



On the job training from the outset will be provided by the CEO. External training will be facilitated as and when required.


What can Kids for Kids offer you?

  • Unique opportunity to change the lives of countless children who would otherwise be at risk
  • Rewarding working experience across multiple disciplines
  • Opportunity to drive new revenue streams to deliver significant income growth
  • Competitive salary depending on skills and experience
  • Opportunity for career progression

If you want to make a real difference to children’s lives, this is the job for you!



Please submit your application and covering letter via Charity Jobs here.

We are needed more than ever!

The news from Sudan has never been more worrying.   The hope for democracy has faded in the wake of the military coup last year, but people are resilient.   When I first went to Sudan what struck me was their humanity and their care for each other.   During that first visit my son Alastair and I made to Um Ga’al, the village that became the first Kids for Kids’ village, I asked if there would be jealousy if we supported the poorest families, providing them with five goats, a donkey, and other basic essentials –  things that people could only dream of in the extreme poverty in which they lived?   The village leaders said “if you support the poorest, you will help us too, by taking the burden of helping them off us – please do what you can”.

And for twenty years, thanks to you, we have been doing just that. Doing all we can to help the poorest families – and therefore helping everyone living in all the villages we have adopted. Goat’s milk has been improving the health of the children.  Water near at hand from our handpumps means that not only do children go to school, instead of walking miles every day for every drop the families need, but the old people are also spared that terrible struggle day after day.  And vegetables are growing in our villages.

We have trained hundreds of midwives – my admiration for these brave young women is boundless.  The lives they have saved – young girls no longer forced to endure FGM – births, and deaths, registered – the happiness of a healthy baby – how can one quantify that?  Thankfully fewer orphans, children lovingly cared for by their own mothers, no longer at risk from dangerously obstructed labour.   I think of parents sleeping without worry as their little ones are no longer wracked with coughing in the smoke of fires trying to keep them warm – two simple blankets and chest infections are fewer.

More people die in Sudan from malaria than from any other disease. Our mosquito nets make such a difference.  I’m told that the incidence of malaria in our villages has dropped by two thirds. 

But that is not all!  Climate Change – can we help? 

Yes we can and since 2007 and we have been doing just that!   We plant trees – hundreds of them!   We have had failures, but over the years we have learnt how to grow trees in the desert!   And now the animals are returning.  Yes – truly.   Because of Kids for Kids.   It is hard to believe, but I was told that rabbits and foxes have been seen in our community forests.   Animals that have not been seen in North Darfur for decades.   I saw two hornbills during my most recent visit.                                                    

You too CAN help combat Climate Change – read how and donate a tree here!


But 2022 is going to be one of the most challenging we have faced.


Already the UN is warning of exceptional humanitarian need – they say 1 in 3 people will be facing starvation.  That is truly shocking.   Across the whole of Sudan people are struggling to survive.  Chillingly, when things are bad in the country as a whole, they are worse in Darfur.   Violence, since the military coup last October, has escalated.  Hundreds of people have fled their homes.  The harvest is 25% of what it should be in many parts.   I am already planning emergency help.   Your donations ‘for the greatest need’ are going to be needed more than ever before.   But we will also adopt five villages this year – 2,842 children – I wish it could be more – and I am waiting to hear how much a new kindergarten will cost as education is essential.   There can be no hope for the future if we let the children down.  

The political situation is more worrying than I can remember, but of course we cannot, must not, give up.   Kids for Kids is helping the poorest of the poor – people the rest of the world overlook, forget, ignore.   But we do not.   These are families like us, with the same aspirations for their children.   And thanks to the dedication of the Darfurians themselves, who volunteer to serve on the Kids for Kids Steering Committee in El Fasher, overseeing all our projects, I know that every pound you donate will reach those in need of our help.   We are supported by wonderful people in Khartoum and Darfur and, especially in this time of hardship, when conditions have never been worse, I cannot thank them enough for enabling our projects not only to continue, but to help more people this year than ever before.  

I have not mentioned Covid-19 – but yes, that too is ravaging Sudan.  We continue to give soap, to give hope.  And we must not stop planting trees.  The future is in our hands, for us too. 

We cannot help everyone in need – but you are helping us to transform many lives and as those leaders said so long ago to me ‘By helping the poorest you are helping us too’.    Please don’t stop!

Our motto continues to be ‘One goat at a time’ – and that means, One Child at a Time – please.  

Patricia Parker OBE – Founder.


2022 Spring Mailing Documents (all in one place!):


CHRISTMAS IS COMING – it really is!

At last we can celebrate together. Do join me at our beautiful online Candlelit Christmas Concert on Tuesday, 14th December 6:30pm and herald in this wonderful time of year as it should be, together again after such hard times. Tickets are available here. We will be Live together on Zoom, and you’ll be able to see our concert which took place in person on 2nd December!

My heart goes out to you who have lost someone precious. If you have been struggling alone in these difficult months, perhaps it has also made you count your blessings? Being alone with time to think has made me even more determined to reach out to help children facing lives of intolerable hardship, yet with parents with the same hopes we have for our families. No matter where we  are born we continue to prove that it is possible to help, one child at a time. No problem is too big if we tackle it step by step. The world seems to have become more dangerous and the news more and more depressing. But yes, we can do something about it –  each of us, in small ways perhaps, but, together, we are a powerful force.

At Kids for Kids we help child by child, family by family – village by village. And yes, goat by goat! Now, after 20 years, there are 105 Kids for Kids villages. Villages out of sight of the world, almost out of reach – still no roads go to them, no running water, no internet, no electricity – and yet we continue to prove that it is possible to have a direct, and most important of all, a lasting impact, on children’s lives. Giving hope where there was none.

CLIMATE CHANGE – a problem too big? We know we cannot let it be – but we also know we cannot leave it to Governments  alone. We must make changes in our own lives, and in Darfur we have been planting trees for the past 15 years! Our first Baobabs are huge now. Our Acacia Senegal are producing gum arabic in villages. In Majoub A their children go to our school. Babies are  brought into the world with the help of our midwives. And those children are playing in the shade of our trees. In every Kids for Kids village we are planting trees. Now it is your turn! This Christmas donate trees. 


But don’t forget to give a goat too please! Yes I am asking for both. In Darfur starvation is a spectre facing many families. Children need milk. Please give a Goat and a Tree this Christmas – and we will send a Christmas Certificate for you wherever you want!

Please follow the link to our crowdfunding page here and help us meet our target before the new year!



EXCITING NEWS! We are launching our very own DOUBLING  CAMPAIGN 2021 thanks to two wonderful supporters who have pledged £10,000 if YOU will donate too! Please can you help? it  could mean a massive £20,000 for Kids for Kids. I cannot tell you how much this would mean to me. Since the start of Covid, as  with other overseas charities, donations have gone down, a tragedy for Darfur where I have never known so many families to be  struggling just to feed their children. There is no question of replacing animals that have died, or of buying seed to plant. They need our help right now. Let’s make our DOUBLING CAMPAIGN 2021 work! 

Please Donate via The Greatest Need and add ‘Doubling’ to Notes please.

Alternatively send your donation to Kids for Kids: POBox 456 Dorking RH4 2WS marking it ‘Doubling’ OR direct Bank Transfer: sort code: 60 07 02 account: 31670636. Reference ‘Doubling plus your name’ please! 

Regular Donations have made such a difference, even more so now when we have not been able to rely on the extra funds from  events. Global Giving is promising to increase monthly donations by a MASSIVE 200% for four months (then please swap to  donating directly to Kids for Kids). This is an opportunity not to be missed!

Please visit Global Giving or join our wonderful supporters directly, see the enclosed Christmas Gift List.

Would you like to surprise a friend with an unexpected gift? Give the Gift of the Kids for Kids Lottery and a surprise windfall  could come their way! For just £10 a month (that’s just £120 a year) you would not just have fun yourself, but donate goats to  children in great need. Each month half of all that month’s funds is the prize, and half enables me to buy goats. In November the  prize was a princely £305, more than double the annual fee – and I was able to provide a family not just with 5 healthy nanny  goats, but two more for another family! Milk for children, and a prize for you! Click here for more information or email to sign up for our lottery!

And for a really massive, and lasting, Christmas present for children in Darfur? Would you consider becoming a very special  friend? CHILDREN’S CHAMPIONS choose the level of their support (from £1,000 a year for three years). The difference this  makes is direct and many items, depending on your choice, can be named for you. More information is available here or email


By doing your shopping online through Amazon Smile, or The Giving Machine (it’s really easy to sign up – even I managed it!)  every time you shop they give us money. And yes, they do send it to us. Every pound Kids for Kids receives helps us help a child. Please do sign up and remember to choose Amazon Smile, not just Amazon or Amazon Prime (you will still receive the benefits of  the latter, don’t worry!).

2022 – Will soon be here! Plan something fun, challenging and hugely rewarding.

Check out our Challenges Page: you can pace yourself against an Olympian – running, cycling, swimming  and much more – Swim the Channel – Sky Dive with Charlotte (yes she has set herself yet another challenge!) – climb a  mountain – or walk a mile every day for a month? Whatever you do you will love it, and you will help us give love in Darfur. We  would love to hear from you – please ring us – 07957206440 – or email

Thinking of Spring Cleaning already?

Why not sell via EBay and donate to Kids for Kids? We have signed up with EBay so choose Kids for Kids as your charity and we  will provide a lift changing gift in Darfur, from the proceeds of things you no longer need! What could be better! eBay for Charity is an easy way for buyers and sellers on to support charities, whether you are buying or selling. You can donate all or  part of the funds and add Gift Aid to your donations. In addition, all eBay for Charity items will qualify for a fee credit on basic  insertion and final value fees equal to the percentage donated! Please email for details if you need help:

FINALLY as we look to the future, please will you think of the future of those children who will be born in the coming years in  Darfur. It will be decades before life in Darfur is properly improved. With Sudan facing huge financial difficulties as it emerges  from 30 years of misrule, it is unrealistic to think that the region will benefit any time soon from real investment in infrastructure.  But we will continue to help. If you will consider leaving a Legacy to Kids for Kids we will make sure the future is a little brighter as we have always done, one child at a time.

HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE – I am so looking forward to seeing you on 2nd December at our lovely Concert. The children  at Queen’s Gate are practising hard, and we have treats in store for you too. Joanna and Timothy will be with us – and the incredible treat of a performance by Jiaxin Cheng who will be with her husband Julian Lloyd Webber OBE. This really will be an  evening of celebration of our 20 years – our 20th Candlelit Christmas Concert. Do come! 

Stay safe,

Patricia Parker OBE – Founder.

Stop Press: As we were going to the printers news overnight is that there is renewed instability in Sudan. It is too early to know what is happening but there is one certainty – whatever the outcome it will mean even more hardship. Kids for Kids is going to be needed  even more than ever. My heart goes out to the peoples of Sudan.

2021 Christmas Mailing Documents (all in one place!):


Shaun runs London Marathon for Kids for Kids

We would like to say a huge congratulations to Shaun Gorvin & his wife Lucy for completing the London Marathon last Sunday.

Hearing of Challenge20 and having obtained a place in the London Marathon through the ballot system, Shaun could think of no better cause than to try and raise some money for Kids for Kids.

Shaun’s time was 4 hours and 52 minutes, with Lucy beating him by just 30 seconds!

It was Shaun and his wife Lucy’s first marathon. Lucy is an NHS psychologist and when working with cardiac patients four years ago decided she should practice what she preached and start exercising. Shaun joined her on the ‘couch to 5k App’ and realising the physical and psychological benefits of running, has gradually built up the miles too. With regular Parkrun and other organised events, he feels running is now very social and much more fun than anticipated!

During the run they were cheered on by friends and family, and even managed to spot their grandchildren in the crowd!

In total, Shaun has managed to raise a HUGE £1,644.20! That’s a lot of goats!

These sponsorship funds will make such a difference to the lives of so many in Darfur. Thank you, Shaun!

If you are interested in doing your own Challenge Event in aid of Kids for Kids check out our Challenge20 page below or email to get involved!