A Christmas Gift with Meaning

Give your loved ones the Gift of Hope this Christmas – the perfect gift that keeps on giving!

You and I would not survive living in Darfur – in a hut made of straw, every drop of water miles away across the desert, and for many months of the year, one meagre meal a day often without protein, minerals or vitamins.  It is not surprising children are stunted and malnourished.

This year we want to help you give your loved ones gifts that make a real difference to the children of Darfur  – GOATS, a MOSQUITO NET and a SACK OF SEED!

Why a Goat? – because it’s milk will save a little 5 year old from starving.  “Conditions are so bad this year in Darfur that even in our Kids for Kids villages we are getting reports that little ones are in urgent need of emergency food if they are to survive. It’s the smallest that succumb first.”
A Goat costs £50

Why a mosquito net?   It’s heart-breaking.  There are the worst swarms of mosquitos in Darfur we have ever known. The military government failed to spray the standing water and they have bred uncontrollably.  Malaria is still the biggest killer in Africa.  In Darfur they carry the feared Dengue fever, chikungunya, and yellow fever. All deadly. Our Project Officer Hassan has malaria for the second time this year.  He has been very ill and feared it was Dengue. When he managed to get himself to hospital in search of the malaria drugs he desperately needed, he saw every bed filled with children. Sadly he said half of those will die.  They are too thin and undersized from months of malnutrition to fight the disease.”                                                       
2 Mosquito Nets cost £18

Why a sack of seed? “Darfur struggled with prolonged drought this year.   People had scarcely enough to eat.  WHO appealed for help from the international community months ago, but what help was provided did not reach the villages. I am being asked for emergency seed so that a family can have one meal of porridge a day to keep them alive until the harvest.”   
A Sack of Seed costs £15

Please will you give the gift of hope this Christmas to children who have so little?  Kids for Kids provides sustainable help to families in remote villages.  The best gift this Christmas.

Small donations create big change – please Give a Goat, 2 Mosquito Nets or A Sack of Seed now!

Order our special Christmas Certificate when you checkout– personalised for your loved one!

  1. Choose the gift you would like to give. This can be absolutely anything from ChickensGoats, Donkey, TreesMosquito Nets,  Farm Tools,  Education for a child for the year, or anything else you desire!
  2. Make your donation online. As you check out, the website will ask you for any ‘Order Notes’ you may have. In this box please write details of the Gift Certificate(s), including the correct spelling of all names. Please include To, From, the Special Occasion and any other message you would like. Please also detail where you would like it emailed or mailed.
  3. We create a Gift Certificate just for your loved one!  The perfect gift – a gift that gives on.

Donate Another Item – Goats?  Donkeys? Trees? Or maybe a Clean Water Handpump?   Anything can be donated on behalf of a loved one – and a Gift Certificate made for them too!

Surprise Present?   Why not give all your loved ones a ticket in our 100 Club Lottery – and a year long chance to win up to £500 each month?!


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