Donate to Kids for Kids

Below is the Kids for Kids Gift List, showing all the different projects you can be involved with. You can donate in the name of a loved one or ask us for a Gift Certificate to send as a present to celebrate a special occasion!  To see what a difference these items make, click on each one to find out more.*  If you would like to donate by post, bank transfer, give regularly or if you are donating from the U.S, please have a look at our Other Ways to Donate Page. 

Learn more about the terrible famine in Darfur and our Urgent Need Appeal here.

Urgent Need Appeal

image2 (1)

90 kg of flour to prevent starvation

Goat and little boy

A Goat

5Kg Sunflower seeds

A sack of seed for planting

problems - children

Urgent Need package – Help a family


For Children

Mosquito net provided by Kids for Kids

2 Mosquito Nets


A Donkey

healthy again_DR_edit

A Double Blanket to keep children warm at night

Goat and little boy

A Goat

goat and mother and child

A Goat Loan


Education for one child for a year


For Families


1 food tray and cover


A donkey plough


A set of farm tools

Give A Chicken, not an Egg this Easter

Three laying hens and a Rooster

health worker and Alam Aldeen Mohamed Zakrya first aid worker

1 First Aid Worker for a village


2 jerry cans, a jug and 4 cups

1-Midwife Asma  Abkar Ahmad Mohamed

A midwife to give mothers and children a chance

13 - animal training

Training to take care of the animals


For Villages




Repairing a Handpump in Darfur


Solar Lantern

Goz Byna Planning Meeting

Training – Empowering Leaders to make Projects last

donkey school bus

Water Cart


Water, the Gift of Life – help provide a new Hand Pump


20 Fruit Trees


Crossbred donkey

6 paravets



Veterinary Fund


For Kindergartens


30 Bricks for a Kindergarten


A donkey cart


A Kindergarten


Bookworms Appeal – library books for Kindergartens


Education for one child for a year


Adopt a Village

Adopt a village in Darfur and change lives forever.  You will fund a variety of sustainable projects that go on helping for many years. The projects include our goat loan, the loan of donkeys, training, veterinary care, and the provision of water. The combined impact of this holistic set of changes is incredible. Have a look at what “What we do” to see the breadth of projects we include.

Please contact us if you would like to sponsor a village, as costs vary with the size and population of each village.


Adopt a whole Village


* It is our policy to provide everything for which you have donated as described. In the unlikely event that an item is over-subscribed or unavailable, we will replace it with something similar and equally vital. (Prices quoted are as charged to us in Darfur, but inflation is rising so these may change!)

To add these items to your cart please click on the item and then select ‘add to basket’.  Alternatively you can donate any amount and we will use it where the need is greatest.