GIve a Goat, Save A Child this Eatster
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Give a Goat, Save a Child!


Goats work miracles in Darfur!

In Darfur, goats save lives – their milk stops malnutrition and starvation, and as the flock grows, a family can earn an income.  Donate a goat for a family in Darfur, and send a Gift Certificate.

£50 / $65 provides a little goat so that children will have milk to drink to keep them healthy

£272 / $354 provides 6 goats for a family, a Kids for Kids Goat Loan, so they have a chance to grow the flock and earn an income.  And remember – after 2 years they pass on 6 little goats to the next family and the miracle continues.

Thank you!

To order your Gift Certificate please send us the details in the ‘Order Notes’ box as you place the order, or email us at with your order reference number.  What we need:  Donor Name (As you wish it to appear on the certificate), Recipient Name (as you wish it to appear on the certificate), Occasion (Easter!), and the address or email address that you would like us to send it to.  

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Product Description


When Kids for Kids adopts a village, the poorest 15% of families receive a Goat Loan. These families are typically headed by women, desperately trying to feed their families. We lend them 6 goats for immediate milk to feed starving babies and provide essential nutrition for children. As the little flock grows, the mother can earn an income from selling milk and yoghurt. After 2 years the little flock is typically between 14 and 20 animals, and the family pays forward 6 offspring to the next family, so ultimately the whole community benefits.

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