Appeal for Help as Floods Strike Darfur and Inflation Soars

The people of Darfur are struggling to feed their families as food prices soar. The Sudanese economy is in crisis, with inflation increasing from 144% in July to a massive 167% in August.   The Sudanese Government has declared an economic state of emergency.

Soaring prices mean that people in Darfur are unable to afford to buy basic staples to feed their families. At the same time recent floods have washed away thousands of homes, leaving people homeless. All deliveries to the area are disrupted.   The hardship families are facing every day is unimaginable.

 Picture of a Mother and child in Darfur
Mothers are unable to afford food leaving children at risk.

Widespread flooding means that moquitoes are breeding frighteningly fast so that malaria is on the rise. Children already suffering from malnutrition are even more at risk – the situation is becoming more dire every day. Meanwhile, as in the rest of the world, COVID-19 continues to spread.

Picture of children in Darfur - Kids for Kids
Children are as risk of malnutrition and malaria due to flourishing mosquitoes.

We are calling on our supporters to help by donating to Kids to Kids to support families through this difficult time.

Donate now for the greatest need and your donation will be used where it is most needed in Darfur today!


Text FLOOD 5 or FLOOD 10 to 70470 to donate £5 or £10 to provide soap and mosquito nets.

Texts cost £5 or £10 plus one standard rate message and you’ll be opting in to hear more about our work and fundraising via telephone and SMS. If you’d like to give £5 or £10 but do not wish to receive marketing communications, text FLOODNOINFO 5 or FLOODNOINFO 10 to 70470.

Fishing for Goats! Executive Fly Fishing Day 2018

Executive Fly Fishing Day – Saturday 13th October 2018 – minimum donation for Half-day £55 and for Full-day £95.

We are delighted to announce that our Annual Kids for Kids Executive Fly Fishing Day will take place at Park Lake, Albury Estate Fisheries, Albury.  Places for the Full Day and Half-day (AM or PM) sessions are now available to book on-line. All sessions enjoy tuition (if needed), fishing, and delicious refreshments. Continue reading

Fishing for Goats! Executive Fly Fishing Day – Park Lake, Albury

Executive Fly Fishing Day – Saturday 8th October 2016 – Half day £50, Full day £95 (minimum donation)

We are delighted to announce that our Kids for Kids Executive Fly Fishing Day will once again take place at the prestigious Park Lake, Albury, by kind permission of the Duke of Northumberland.  Join us for AM, PM or all day sessions and enjoy tuition (if needed), fishing, and delicious refreshments.

This year we are proudly sponsored by Jonathan Timpson Photography Ltd.
Twitter: @jtphotography7 and Facebook: @JonathanTimpsonPhotographyLtd

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Why Water?

Water is desperately needed in Darfur, and children are walking miles each day for every drop.


Hand Pumps for water – life changing!

Did you know?  One of the largest aquifers in Africa is right here underneath Darfur.  You just have to be able to afford to install a pump.  Every year, when Kids for Kids adopts new villages, one of the first things we do is commission a geophysical survey to work out where best to install the pumps. Can you imagine the difference this makes?  Instead of walking for hours in the scorching heat every day for water, children can go to school and mothers can work to earn an income for the family.  In some villages people have even managed to grow vegetables for the first time.

Click here to read more about our Water Projects and here to donate a Hand Pump today!
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