Easter Egg? Send Chickens and Goats Instead!

It is a difficult time to ask the help of our supporters, when we know many of you are facing problems and will be as worried as we are about family and friends. With Easter weekend this weekend, we understand it might be difficult as we cannot be with all our loved ones, and even unable to send them an Easter egg.  However, it is a testament to the love we have for one another that we stay safely in our homes, protecting everyone from this horrible virus.  (We can at least help with your egg problem – see our Easter Certificate below!)

Despite shortages we are facing here in the UK, we are incredibly fortunate compared to those living in Africa, and, especially, in the remote villages of Darfur.  If people are ill they have to rely on rural hospitals. Our Founder, Patricia Parker, visited the hospital at Mallit in February, and was horrified at the lack of even the most basic equipment. There is no chance of a ventilator – there is not even oxygen.  We are planning to take stethoscopes and other basic equipment on our next trip to Darfur, but urgent help is needed now.

So can we help?   Yes – we believe so.   If we can help both young and old to build up their resources and immune systems at this crucial time, they will have more of a chance of withstanding the virus. In the UK we are told it is the elderly who are most at risk. In Darfur, children who are malnourished are extremely vulnerable from even the simplest illness – what hope do they have of withstanding this terrible pandemic?  We are therefore asking for help to enable us to provide families with what they need to build up their strength – through goat’s milk to provide essential protein and vitamins for the children, through eggs from our chickens for the elderly, and through helping families build an income.  “I was shocked at how families were struggling when I was in Darfur in February,” says Patricia Parker, “and now the summer months are almost upon Darfur when conditions will be even worse.  If families cannot afford the essentials, what hope do they have?”

Our Easter Appeal is two fold:  for Chickens for the elderly. Just £15 buys three Hens and a Rooster. Eggs these chickens will lay are a vital food source.  And Goats for Children – £50 for a Nanny Goat – to provide milk full of protein and nutrients needed to improve children’s immune systems right now. You can always give a Donkey too – the 4 x 4 of Darfur!

Please let us know if you would like an Easter Certificate for your gift?  It’s a lovely way of reminding our loved ones we are thinking of them too. More information on how to request a certificate is available here.


“Please forgive me for asking for your help when you too – like me – are struggling,” says Patricia. “Isolation is something I am finding very difficult to cope with, but I know there are people far worse off than me.  It is hard remembering all those people whom I met in Darfur in February who were desperate to tell me what a difference Kids for Kids is making in their lives, with our simple but long term projects.  They told me that we are their only hope. I am determined to do my best. Happy Easter and please, stay safe.”

Click here to Give a Goat for a Child and here to give Chickens for the Elderly. Thank you.