In February of this year Patricia Parker MBE, the Founder and CEO of Kids for Kids, visited Darfur for the first time in nine years. Due to the past Government we have been unable to get visas to enter Sudan since 2011, but because of the change in administration last year and ousting of President Bashir, we are now allowed back into the country. Our small team in Darfur are the reason we have been able to continue our projects in our existing villages, and adopt more every year. Today we are proud to have 100 Kids for Kids villages in Darfur where sustainable projects are helping people to transform their lives.

I would like to invite you to engage with our most recent news, hearing straight from Patricia about her trip to Darfur in ‘News from Darfur’ and learning exactly what Kids for Kids did with your donations in 2019, and our plans for 2020 here.  We have improved our Gift List for 2020, which includes details of all our sustainable projects. As Easter is coming up, we invite you to join in The Real Egg Project and make a real difference to the lives of the elderly living in rural villages by donating chickens. We have started a five year tree planting project in Darfur to ‘Combat Climate Change’, and here you can join us in reforesting the desert. And for other ways to support Kids for Kids, please consider becoming a Regular Giver or Children’s Champion – your support will change lives for years to come. Oh, and if you fancy a hand at winning the Lottery, what better Lottery than the Kids for Kids 100 Club where every ticket you purchase helps improve the lives of children living in extreme poverty in Darfur.

The documents mentioned are included in our 2020 Spring Mailing and Emailing. If you haven’t signed up already for our news mailings, then please get in touch. We only send two mailings a year, and we would love to include you!

2020 Spring Mailing Documents (all in one place!):

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