Joanna Lumley’s Children’s Challenge – Picture Gallery

‘Joanna Lumley’s Children’s Challenge – Draw a Goat for Darfur!’
Scroll down to see the gallery of pictures drawn by you!

Back in 2012 an unique one-off auction of works of art by celebrities from all over the world – DRAWN … TO DARFURraised over £72,000 to help families in Darfur.  The celebrity pictures enabled Kids for Kids to adopt an entire community in Darfur AND build a Kindergarten.   Check out the gallery of fantastic work and see the Goat pictures done by the celebrities – including Joanna Lumley and Head of the Armed Forces no less!  There are pictures by HRH The Prince of Wales, Prime Minister David Cameron, and even The Pope!

Please enjoy these drawings by famous celebrities and explore the complete collection here, then scroll down for the new gallery of pictures drawn by children for Joanna Lumley’s Children’s Challenge – your chance to join in and DRAW…FOR DARFUR! 

Want to support Kids for Kids and make a difference to a child’s life?  Learn all about our Goat Loan and then donate a goat today to improve a child’s health. And to learn how else you can help families during COVID-19 please read Three Things You Can Do Right Now.

Joanna Lumley’s Children’s Challenge: Your 2020 COVID-19 Drawings for Darfur

Ages 6 and Under

Ages 7 – 9 

Ages 10 – 12