Waiting for the rains to come . . .

During this time of year in Darfur, the air is tense with anticipation.

The desert is devoid of all plants, shrubs and other greenery. Families plant what seed they have leftover from the previous year – if any. Many families have to eat the seeds to get through the year.

Now they wait for the rains to come – hopefully July.

Whilst rain will bring fresh hope for a successful and bountiful harvest there is the threat that too much rain may come and wash away the seeds and even their homes and livestock – flooding is a real threat.  When houses are made of straw they stand little chance of survival when the rain is torrential as happened last year.

It is during this time that our water pumps are vital to the people in Darfur, despite the hot dry summer they still have access to fresh clean water from below ground.

In the awful event of flooding – our water pumps are more important than ever – despite water being everywhere, floodwaters will be contaminated and unsafe to drink or even wash in.

Because of your support, communities have a water supply they can rely on. Parents do not have to worry about giving their children dirty water to drink, risking sickness and disease.

With inflation still soaring the cost of drilling for water is at an all-time high but there are still hundreds of villages that do not have access to clean water.

Many women and children are spending their days trekking through the scorching desert to fetch enough water for their families.   For some, the walk is 20 miles.   It is hard to contemplate.

We are so grateful for everything you have helped us achieve these past 20 years but there is still so much more to be done.

Can we rely on your support to help more families in need?  Water is the key to life.

To donate to our water projects please visit: https://www.kidsforkids.org.uk/kids-kids-gift-list/

Trustee Returns to Help Change Lives in Darfur

Kids for Kids is happy to report the return of one of our previous Trustees Patrick Doyle.    Not only was Patrick a key member of our Board but it was he who was the inspiration and leading light for our annual Ambassadors’ Ball which has been so enormously important in raising the profile of Kids for Kids and introducing wonderful new friends to the charity.  Patrick brings a wealth of experience, not least in advising on best business practice.    Behind the scenes, at any charity, there are essential regulations and administrative systems without which no charity could be run effectively.

Patrick and his wife Erika


Patrick and his wife Erika have been outstanding supporters of Kids for Kids for many years.   Handpumps they have funded continue to provide fresh clean water to countless families.  One was so successful that it was upgraded to a submersible pump, supplying water to five entire communities and their animals.    They have recently continued their support by becoming Diamond Children’s Champions!    As Diamond Champions they will be adopting three villages over the period of their commitment – providing the entire package of sustainable projects to each community.

This is quite literally life-changing for hundreds of families and their children.

Patricia said “ This year is turning out to be one of the most desperate years I have known.  Inflation is still soaring and is currently over 340%.   Families are struggling to feed their children.   Flooding and drought destroyed much of last year’s harvests. Darfur is currently in the ‘hungry months’.  The news that Patrick and Erika are to become Diamond Champions could not have come at a better time.   I am more delighted than I can say that Patrick is able to rejoin our Board, despite his own business commitments to his company IDS Ltd and the birth of their third little daughter.  Welcome to little Olivia, our latest little Kids for Kids’ kid.”

If you would like to know more about becoming a Children’s Champion visit: https://www.kidsforkids.org.uk/donate-now/childrens-champion/   or are interested in joining the Board of Kids for Kids as a Trustee please contact Patricia at patricia@kidsforkids.org.uk or for more information visit: https://www.kidsforkids.org.uk/we-are-seeking-a-new-trustee/

We are Seeking a New Trustee!

Are you moved by the thought of a 9 year-old walking across a desert for 7 hours to a handpump miles from his home to fetch water for his family?

If so, you could be the person we are looking to appoint to our Board of Trustees.

Kids for Kids was established 21 years ago. It provides the means for people to build sustainable lives for themselves. It operates exclusively in Darfur, Sudan.

We currently support over 550,000 people in 110 remote villages in Darfur. We do so in a variety of ways; all are part of a broad-based package of integrated grassroots projects. They lift entire communities out of poverty and directly transform the lives of individual families long term. We provide: goats which supply hungry children with nutritious milk; donkeys to help carry heavy loads, allowing children more time to attend our kindergartens and gain an education; training for midwives and paravets; handpumps to gain access to the water in the aquifer below Darfur, one of the largest in Africa yet unreachable by the local communities; kindergartens, including associated materials and equipment; tree seedlings; ploughs, blankets, mosquito nets, soap and jerrycans and much more. Our projects are measurably sustainable because they are based on training and assessment.

We operate through a local independent steering committee. Each village is responsible for the administration and distribution of what we provide according to criteria and standards fully explained to them and to which they subscribe.   All are volunteers.

Despite the difficulties of working in Sudan, as we enter our 22nd year we are looking to the future. We continue to be ambitious in our plans, in spite of the more difficult fund raising climate caused by the pandemic. To help us through the next few years we are looking to recruit one or more new Trustees to complement the existing Board. This is chaired by our founder and CEO, Patricia Parker.  The Board is committed to high standards of governance in line with Charity Commission guidance and best practice.


New Trustees:

We seek individuals with expertise in any of the below and a belief that your skills will contribute to the strong and effective governance and growth of a small charity:

– Legal expertise – not necessarily in charity or contract law although this would be ideal
– Financial expertise
– Fundraising from all sources, i.e. both restricted and unrestricted.
– Communications that drive action and have achieved financial objectives.
– Policy and advocacy relevant to international sustainable development
– Ideally, applicants should show interest in and understanding of the needs of the
poorest people in the world, especially children.

We welcome applicants from diverse nationalities, backgrounds and ages to bring diversity of perspective to this role.


General duties as a Trustee:

-Ensure that Kids for Kids complies with its governing document, charity law, company law and any other relevant legislation or regulations.
-Ensure the charity applies its resources exclusively in pursuance of its stated aims.
-Contribute actively to the Board of Trustees by giving firm strategic direction to Kids for Kids, setting overall policy, defining goals, setting targets, and evaluating performance against agreed targets.
-Safeguard the good name and values of Kids for Kids.
-Ensure the financial stability of Kids for Kids.
-Serve as an advocate for the organisation as required, including for specific issues or events.                                                                                       – -Support the charity with its awareness and fundraising aims

We hope that at least one of the new Trustees will champion the role of diversity within Kids for Kids.


Terms and Commitment

Location: All Board Meetings may be attended online. We will try to meet face-to-face when we can, but Trustees are welcome wherever they live.
The Board meets quarterly.
Previous experience as a Trustee is not necessary.   We are a small supportive Board and will be happy to assist all new members of the Board.  Training is available.
Salary: Unpaid, travel expenses will be reimbursed if required and where necessary.

To apply or find out more, contact patricia@kidsforkids.org.uk

As part of the application process, we ask you to tell us why you are applying and what your previous experience is, and what knowledge and skills you have. Please tell us about your interest in providing this valuable support to Kids for Kids.   We would like to see your C.V.  Please  the provide name of someone we can talk to as a referee. We will accept applications in any medium.

Kids for Kids is an equal opportunities employer and we positively welcome applications from all suitably qualified persons regardless of their religious beliefs or political opinions, sex, marital or family status, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age or disability status.

A future full of hope for Murra and her family!

Murra is a mother to 9 children. In 2017 she was chosen by her village to receive support through the Kids for Kids projects. She received 5 goats as part of the goat loan programme, a donkey to help transport water and till the land and also 2 blankets and mosquito nets to protect her children from cold nights and insect-borne diseases.

This is just part of the package that Kids for Kids provides to many families in need.  People are so poor they cannot afford even basic essentials.  Kids for Kids makes sure individual families have proper farm tools, an essential when people eat what they grow.   But it doesn’t stop there.   Kids for Kids helps the whole community long term by providing both health care for the people and veterinary care for the animals.   Water is key, and wherever possible Kids for Kids funds handpumps and other water projects.

Four years after Kids for Kids adopted her village, Murra’s goat herd has grown to 23 animals. Her children are growing up healthy and strong because of the milk from the goats and the good news doesn’t end there – as a result of being given a donkey, Murra was able to make use of a donkey plough provided for Murra and two other women. She was able to cultivate three acres of land, growing two sacks of millet, a sack of groundnuts and also six sack loads of hay for her animals.

Murra and her family are expecting an even bigger harvest this year, as they were able to farm 5 acres plus they are growing melons and okra!

This is what Kids for Kids is all about – supporting children, women and their families to create a future that is teeming with hope and opportunities. By providing such simple but powerful projects, families and whole communities are able to build a better life for themselves – this is what life should be like for all people in Darfur!

Murra’s story is just one of the hundreds of success stories that Kids for Kids has witnessed over our 20 years – but we are only able to carry out such important work because of our generous supporters. We are only able to reach out to people like Murra because of the support from people like you!

Murra is looking forward to the future and now with a better harvest and money earned from selling goats milk and yoghurt, she is planning on sending her children to school!

There are hundreds of more mothers like Murra who deserve our help and support to give them the opportunities to raise themselves and their families out of poverty.

Are you able to help more mothers and girls earn a brighter future?

You can read more about the Kids for Kids range of sustainable projects here: https://www.kidsforkids.org.uk/what-we-do-projects/

Healing the Desert with Trees!

Darfur is in the Sahel region of Africa which is particularly vulnerable to climate change and according to the UN, the temperature in this region is expected to rise by between 3⁰C and 5⁰C. These warmer temperatures lead to a degradation of the land and an increase in desertification resulting in the desert encroaching into agricultural land. Climate change also impacts the length and timings of seasons, therefore, having a negative effect on crop growth, leading to food insecurity in the area.

The people here bear the brunt of the whole planet’s carbon emissions.

However, a big part of Kids for Kids’ range of sustainable projects that improve the lives of children in Darfur, Sudan, is our climate change project.

One of the easiest and simplest ways to prevent desertification and land degradation is to stabilise the soil. Planting trees and plants increases the soil moisture in the area, stabilises the soil.  It has also been scientifically proven that planting trees helps to form a microclimate in the immediate vicinity of the trees by reducing the air temperature. Lowering the temperature of the soil means that more moisture remains within the ground creating a better and more fertile environment for growing crops, the basis of people’s income and diet in the villages of Darfur.

The people here are subsistence farmers meaning that caring for the land is of paramount importance as they eat what they grow.

We want to create a community forest in each of the Kids for Kids villages to counteract the effects of climate change. We will purchase and grow seedlings of various trees that are native and drought-resistant with many of the species providing shade and fruit or other bi-products that the communities can use to earn an income, such as oil from the Neem tree, the leaves, fruit and seeds from the Baobab and the seeds of the Moringa tree can be used to filter water!

Because many smallholder, rural farmers depend on subsistence for their livelihoods we believe that focusing on alleviating the effects of climate change, environmental degradation, and desert encroachment protects these farmers and their communities from current and future vulnerabilities.

A community forest is just the start of our work on tackling the effects of climate in the area – we want to teach children the importance of the forests, so they grow up to nurture the wildlife and help it grow and expand. This will be the legacy of Kids for Kids and we hope that the children of the future will continue in the guardianship of the trees in their community.

Will you help us in our mission to Heal the Desert with Trees?

Next week from the 19th to the 23rd April, we are participating in Global Giving’s Climate Action Campaign where all donation up to £70 will be matched by 100%!

Or you can donate directly to our climate change projects here: https://www.kidsforkids.org.uk/product/trees-for-climate-change/




Midwives fight Covid-19 in Darfur, Sudan.

The situation in Sudan is still desperate. Inflation is still soaring and is now at an all-time high of over 350%. Life is hard for the people in Darfur, as food prices continue to soar so does the level of hunger – our help has never been needed more. To add to this, Covid-19 is still ravaging the country.

Village Midwives and First-Aid workers that have been trained thanks to you, our loyal and generous donors, are on the frontline helping to tackle the virus and the challenges it brings to each community.

Kids for Kids Project Officer Hassan Mehisi says ‘The situation in many villages is very hard and life is difficult. Our Midwives and First-Aid workers play an enormous role in fighting the pandemic, they help villagers tackle the enormous challenges of addressing the health impact of Covid-19’.

Our Midwives and First-Aid workers are delivering babies and providing support despite the threat of Covid-19 – helping to provide advice and educate new mothers and their families on how to protect themselves – there is no access to healthcare in villages – the Midwives and First-Aid workers we train are very much pioneers doing a fantastic job miles away from any support or hospital. 

You can support mothers and babies by helping to train more Midwives and First-Aid workers – these are the Florence Nightingales of Darfur – a beacon of light and comfort in the most desperate of times.

It costs Kids for Kids £2,000 to train a Village Midwife and to provide her with a smart white tobe (sari uniform) and leather sandals. Incidentally, leather sandals are a status symbol in Darfur!  If you would like to contribute to the training of a Village Midwife please donate the amount you choose and we will add it to our Midwife Fund. We also fund the equipment for both our Village Midwives and First Aid Workers, plus a fast and strong crossbred donkey so they can travel more easily between the villages.  It is important too to make sure there is a solar lantern so that mothers will not give birth by the flickering light of a fire. There is no electricity in villages.


Will you help us bring healthcare in the form of Village Midwives and First Aid Workers to the many villages that are in need?

Your donation today will help save lives!

You can read more about our healthcare projects here: https://www.kidsforkids.org.uk/what-we-do-midwives-healthcare/

Children’s Shepherds’ Committees – Kids looking after Kids!

Animal Welfare is very important to Kids for Kids and in every one of our villages, even the children are trained to look after the goats and donkeys!

The Children’s Shepherd Committee are taught to look for injury or disease in all of the villages animals, making sure they have the right food to eat and enough water to drink!

The committees are made up of both girls and boys and members are chosen by the whole community and they work closely with the Kids for Kids team in Sudan reporting any sick or unwell animals.

The children grow up having the knowledge to give their animals the best life and also gain important skills that will help them in their adult life!

Isn’t it lovely to think that every Friday morning – the first day of the weekend in Darfur – our Children’s Shepherds’ Committees in every Kids for Kids’ village inspect every animal in the village to see if they are alright.   Children are really observant.  We train them – teaching them the signs to look for.   Hair coming out means too little water.   When the herd stands up, ones that are slow need checking.  And of course, we teach them which plants are poisonous.  When animals are hungry, and especially goats, they can eat things that can kill them.

We reward our little shepherds in each village when we have our review meetings each year.   Can you imagine how proud they are?

If you would like to know more about the Kids for Kids projects visit: https://www.kidsforkids.org.uk/what-we-do-projects/


Celebrating 6 new villages for our Birthday Year!

Kids for Kids is celebrating the incredible news that we are adopting 6 new villages in North Darfur, Sudan in our 20th Year.

Gawhir, Hillat Anass, Hillat Hashab, Maagila, Tartoura Birket Jaro and Taitel will be part of the Kids for Kids family in which our sustainable projects will change the lives of over 1100 families and 3700 children – giving hope for the future in these most desperate of times.

Whilst we aim to adopt new villages every year, the uncertainty due to Covid-19 as well as crippling inflation in Sudan which is now over 350%, the prospect of offering support and then falling short meant that we were facing this year being the first in our 20-year history of not providing help to villages in need.

Amongst the villages chosen, the circumstances vary with 3 of the villages’ nearest water supplies being 12km away, meaning a daily 24 km round trip for children and women to collect enough water for family and livestock alike, a trek that will take many hours in the blistering heat of the Sudanese sun. Whilst some villages may have access to water none has access to any healthcare for humans or their animals.  Few have any education at all for younger children, and older children frequently walk 10 miles to reach a rudimentary schools.   These are struggles the people of Darfur go through that we take for granted every day!

However, this is about to change with Kids for Kids working with the six new communities themselves to implement our range of sustainable projects of which the goat loans are key. A family chosen by their village will receive 5 nanny goats that will provide nutritious milk to feed hungry children and turn their health around. Excess milk can also be sold to earn an income – giving a family hope for the future. Other projects include installation of water pumps and water carts, training midwives to deliver healthy and happy babies, the training of first aid workers and paravets but also building kindergartens to give children an education – a direct route out of a life of poverty.

Kids for Kids’ Founder and CEO Patricia Parker says “The most heart-breaking issue is that all the villages chosen have suffered the death of at least one child in the past year, mainly due to Malaria – this is totally unacceptable in this day and age and providing blankets and mosquito nets to families is one of the first things we do when supporting a village, protecting children from insect-borne diseases.”

“The number of requests from villages asking for our help has never been greater and whilst we are aware that we are unable to help everyone it doesn’t make the decision any easier – behind each village application are struggling families and hungry children, but for these new villages, we will turn this around and provide opportunities which could only be achieved because of the generosity of Kids for Kids supporters!”

Over the 20 years of the Charity, Kids for Kids has supported 106 villages and helped over 550,000 people – but there are still hundreds more villages, thousands more children who are in need.

This year Kids for Kids are asking people to take on a Challenge20 to raise funds and have fun!


What will your Challenge20 be? Hiking 20 miles? Running 20 marathons? Baking 20 cakes?

This challenge is all YOU!!

For more ideas and inspiration, click here.

20 years of Celebration – Smiles, Laughter and Tears – our 20th Birthday Party

Live Zoom brought together Joanna Lumley OBE, Miriam Margolyes OBE, Julie Etchingham, Timothy West and Dame Rosalind Marsden KCMG – all Patrons of Kids for Kids – supporters from around the world, and our Founder Patricia Parker MBE and Trustee Alastair King-Smith, to celebrate 20 years of helping children the rest of the world has forgotten, on 8th March this year – International Women’s Day. “It’s hard to believe it was 20 years ago when 19 influential ladies joined me in Khartoum to see how we could help the invisible families in Darfur” said Patricia. “That was the birth of Kids for Kids all those years ago.  And we’re not stopping now!”

If you missed the celebration, you can still catch up – or re-live it – via the link at the end of this article and, if you would like to make a donation as a birthday present for our 20th Birthday please do consider donating to The Greatest Need to help children in Darfur now when they need us the most.

In what can only be described as an emotional night, Patricia regaled the audience with stories from across the years -from how she started the charity all those years ago, to how she and her son Alastair, now one of the charity’s Trustees, were kidnapped at gunpoint, to the thousands of people that the Charity has supported through the years.

With special birthday messages from long time volunteer Hazel Oberst who has volunteered for 19.5 years, and Beverley Wheeler who has supported the charity from 1994, to Sage Lancaster who first heard of Kids for Kids when just 7 years old, becoming a successful fundraiser including working for the charity before restarting her studies this year, and Omniat Osman, a new Sudanese supporter, and, from Sudan, Hatim Abu Sineina our dedicated Volunteer Chairman in Khartoum who has supported Kids for Kids for the entire 20 years.

Highlights included former Ambassador and EU Representative to Sudan, Dame Rosalind Marsden, who brought us up to date with events in Sudan, and in particular how these affected Darfur which has historically always experienced the worst deprivation and suffering.

One of the most memorable and joyful moments of the evening was being joined by the one and only Joanna Lumley, a Patron of many years,  who spoke to Patricia about the charity and the amazing work it has achieved and also what is in store for the next 20 years.   In addition to helping as many new villages as possible – three in 2021 to celebrate our 20th Birthday – Trees for the Future is a long term plan including a plantation of Moringa trees whose seeds can be used to purify water.

In Joanna’s own words ‘ I love the idea of trees healing the earth, they seem to be wise old beings’

But that was not all!  Joining in the birthday messages were Julie Etchingham whose moving tribute to Kids for Kids set the scene for the evening,  Miriam Margolyes who joined us from Tuscany and the much loved Timothy West all told us their reasons for supporting Kids for Kids.

Both Timothy and Julie said they were already looking forward to the Candlelit Christmas concert this year as it ‘ brings hope to people who are desperately in need.’   Please Note:   there are plans for a full live Concert at St Peter’s Eaton Square in London on Thursday 2nd December with the wonderful choirs from Queen’s Gate School.   “We are expecting a sell out” said Patricia “who is not longing to be with friends and celebrate together?”

The fun didn’t end there, with a quiz to keep people on their toes with a few trick questions thrown in – and to finish off,  a collective redition of Happy Birthday over Zoom from all over the world – perhaps a little out of tune but the joy and celebration were palpable!

It was an evening filled with love and support.  Thank you everyone for joining us to celebrate our FIRST twenty years.

. . .Here’s to the Future!

Listen to our wonderful 20th Birthday Messages

We are so incredibly lucky to have such fabulous Patrons and supporters.

Listen to some of the wonderful 20th Birthday messages we received in March 2021 from our Patrons, Joanna Lumley OBE, Miriam Margolyes OBE, Timothy West CBE, Julie Etchingham, and our volunteers and supporters, Hatim Abu Sineina, Hazel Oberst, Beverley Wheeler, Sage Lancaster and Omniat Osman.


Missed our 20th Birthday Celebration?

If you were unable to join us live on Monday 8th March or would like to share the celebrations with friends and family, you can access a recording of the full Event here.

We asked everyone who joined us on 8th March to make a donation and we would be so grateful if you could do the same. Please do consider donating to The Greatest Need to help children in Darfur now when they need us the most.


Give real Chickens not Eggs this Easter

This Easter, instead of giving eggs, please give real Chickens! And receive a personalised Gift Certificate for a loved one.

The Ukraine is constantly in our thoughts at the moment but the consequences of this terrible war are going to affect many more across the world.  In Darfur, where disasters have combined to mean that already this year families have had no alternative but to cut down to just one scant meal a day, wheat that would normally be bought from both Ukraine and Russia as emergency food, will not now be available.

We dread to think of the consequences.

Families in Darfur are struggling more than ever and children really are starving.

Of course, it’s not only the children that are suffering from malnutrition in Darfur. The frail and elderly are just as susceptible.

Instead of a chocolate Easter egg this year, why not consider giving real live Chickens instead? Chickens are easier for Grandparents in Darfur to look after and their protein-rich eggs will save many lives.

We lend little Goats for the children and chickens for their grandparents.

Donate a Chicken or a  Goat to Kids for Kids and we will send you a unique personalised Easter Gift Certificate for you to gift to a loved one.How to Order:

  1. Visit our website and choose the gift you would like to give – a Goat to give nutritional milk or Chickens to give protein-rich eggs for the elderly. Of course, if you would prefer to donate something else, we would be delighted – all items are essential.
  2. Make your donation online. As you check out, the website will ask you for any ‘Order Notes’ you may have. In this box please write details of the Gift Certificate(s), such as the special event you are celebrating and the correct spelling of all names. Please include To, From, Special Occasion and any other message you would like. Please also detail where you would like it emailed or mailed.
  3. We create a Gift Certificate just for your loved one!  The perfect gift – a gift that keeps on giving.


We give your gift to a family in Darfur, and create a personalised Gift Certificate for your loved one. All our projects are sustainable so your gift will go on to help more and more families each year.

Kids for Kids is helping people to help themselves, stay in their homes, and give children a chance at a better future. Our sustainable projects lift families out of poverty and transform whole communities long-term.  Every donation you make will help us to continue our life saving work in Darfur.  Your support will make certain we are able to adopt new villages again this year, and help even more families living in horrible poverty.

If you have any questions or need any additional help please email contact@kidsforkids.org.uk.

We are more than happy to help!

Donate real Chickens now and save lives this Easter.

Thank you and have a very Happy Easter!


It’s Easter! Which Comes First . . The Chicken or the Egg?

Which came first… the Chicken or the Egg?? In Darfur, the chickens come first! They are easy to look after and their eggs are an essential source of protein!   How to have a real Happy Easter.

This Easter you can provide a lifeline to the elderly and frail in Darfur – for £15, you can give three laying hens and a rooster.   Just think what such a gift would mean to someone whose life is a desperate struggle to survive. Patricia said “I was telling someone in Sudan about the old ladies I talked to in a village and was asked how old I thought those ladies were.  They were bent, frail and looked very old indeed. I was told they ranged from 54 to 61.  That is what life in Darfur does to people.   So let’s help by giving them chickens they can look after easily by their huts, and make them smile again.  A real Happy Easter!”

Eggs are a valuable food source for struggling families.   Instead of sending an egg, send a special Easter Gift Certificate!


Donate Chickens on behalf of family and friends this Easter and we will send you a unique personalised Easter Gift Certificate.

How to Order:

  1. Choose the gift you would like to give.  This can be absolutely anything from ChickensGoats, Donkey, TreesMosquito Nets,  Farm Tools,  Education for a child for the year, or anything else you desire!
  2. Make your donation online. As you check out, the website will ask you for any ‘Order Notes’ you may have. In this box please write details of the Gift Certificate(s), such as the special event you are celebrating and the correct spelling of all names. Please include To, From, Special Occasion and any other message you would like. Please also detail where you would like it emailed or mailed.
  3. We create a Gift Certificate just for your loved one!  The perfect gift – a gift that keeps on giving.

We give your gift to a family in Darfur and create a personalised Gift Certificate for your loved one. All our projects are sustainable so your gift will go on to help more and more families each year.

Kids for Kids is helping people to help themselves, stay in their homes, and give children a chance at a better future. Our sustainable projects lift families out of poverty and transform whole communities long-term.  Every donation you make will help us to continue our life-saving work in Darfur.    Your support will make certain we are able to adopt new villages again this year and help even more families living in desperate poverty.

If you have any questions or need any additional help please email contact@kidsforkids.org.uk.

We are more than happy to help!



20th Birthday – but is it a time to celebrate?

Kids for Kids celebrates 20 years of helping the forgotten children of Darfur on 8th March this year – two decades in which we have transformed the lives of over 550,000 people in 105 villages in one of the most inaccessible places in the world. A journey that started with a young boy’s seven-hour walk for water across the deserts of Darfur, to a handpump miles from his home.

Whilst this may seem like a time to celebrate, it is a stark reminder that in Darfur our help is still needed. There are still young children and families with no access to clean, fresh water.

The situation in Darfur is still desperate, inflation has skyrocketed to over 250% and is still rising.

This has put our projects at risk – the cost of implementing our key projects has jumped massively. The need for water has always been a necessity but since the arrival of covid-19 into Darfur, the only way communities can protect themselves is by washing their hands. This means that families need more water than ever to keep their families safe. If there are no water pumps locally this means that more journeys for water are needed – either that or forego the only protection that they have against the virus.

Our team on the ground in Darfur has said that our water projects are falling behind schedule. This is due to the cost of installing water pumps increasing day by day. Some of our villages that we adopted in 2017 were due to have their water pumps installed last year – however, work has slowed as materials, transport costs and labour have all increased astronomically.

The current economic climate in Sudan and the uncertainty of costs has meant that Kids for Kids has had to hold off promising new water pumps to villages in case we cannot deliver – access to fresh clean water should be a given in the 21st century but unfortunately, that’s not the case in many areas of Darfur.

Whilst we will celebrate the change that Kids for Kids has brought about for so many people over the past 20 years – we will remain steadfast in our support for the people of Darfur but we can only do this with your help.

Please will you support Kids for Kids so we can carry on improving the lives of children now and for the children of the future?

To donate to our water projects visit: https://www.kidsforkids.org.uk/shop/donations/water-projects/