The only organisation created to help children struggling to survive in remote villages in Darfur, Sudan.
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KIDS FOR KIDS helps children the world has forgotten, children in Darfur, Sudan, who live lives of inexcusable and unimaginable hardship.

The creation of South Sudan and the loss of the revenue from oil has caused soaring inflation in Sudan. Now the fighting in South Sudan is resulting in even more isolation for families in Darfur. "Children go to bed hungry, and wake up hungry. Inflation in Darfur is rocketing and mothers cannot feed their children. They need urgent help if the children in villages are to survive this year" said Patricia Parker MBE, Founder of Kids for Kids

Kids for Kids' projects are key to a better future. Kids for Kids is different. Because we recognise that it takes more than one thing to lift a family out of abject poverty and give them a foot on the ladder to a better future, we support a range of grass roots projects including health care, farming techniques, provision of water, and environmental improvements.

Key to our help is our Goat Loan Project. We don't just hand out goats: we lend 6 goats to a family so that the children have milk, often for the first time in their lives. After 2 years they pass on 6 offspring to another family. And so on. The donation of just one goat transforms many lives.

These could be our children. Please can you help make their lives a little better? Darfur has been struggling with the highest rate of inflation in Sudan, catastrophic when many families income is less than £75 ($120). Now there is even worse news - the removal of the government subsidy on oil has meant that a litre of oil has trebled in price. There is no railway to North Darfur so everything is sent by road or air freight, but even aircraft fuel is scarce and rationed. There are warnings of famine to come.

To see what you can give which will change a child's life see what Adam needs.

Children's hair turns preternaturally blonde from prolonged lack of protein - goat's milk is an essential source of protein, minerals and vitamins yet the price of goats has soared to over £60

($90) an impossible amount for a mother to pay.

Please can you help us buy more goats urgently? Our Goat Loans have

been called the most effective Microfinance scheme ever.

Kids for Kids is the only organisation created to help the children of Darfur, living out of sight of the world in the remote villages.

Children are living in conditions which are beyond poverty. Even small children walk miles across the desert for every drop of water. They drink water that is heavily polluted and leads to life threatening illnesses. Yet noone is helping. The main aid agencies are no longer there. Foreigners do not go because it is dangerous. Children are in desperate need. Please help us to change their lives. We are showing it can be done. Every penny makes a difference in Darfur.

Small change = Big changes

The sun scorches the sand to a searing heat yet countless children have no shoes to wear. Their mothers have no hope of helping them. Children have never seen a toy, have no books, no bed, not even a blanket. They have little chance of education. Everything has to be paid for. There is no health care in the villages. There are no roads, no transport - you carry your child in your arms to a hospital, where there is no anaesthetic and where you have to pay for treatment - but you have no money.

We don’t believe in charity, we believe in helping people to help themselves.

There are now 65 Kids for Kids' villages where children have hope. We listen to what villagers say will help them to help themselves immediately, and long term, to lift them out of abject poverty and give the children a real chance.

Click to see where all our villages are in North Darfur

KIDS FOR KIDS supports families through long term, self sustainable projects, identified and run by the villagers themselves.

Our aim is to prevent problems from becoming catastrophes. By giving basic help at grass roots level our projects have a massive impact on the lives of everyone in the community.

Donate Now with the help of our Gift List for other ways to help change a child's life.

KIDS FOR KIDS is different, because it enables people to improve their own lives. Our approach is unique because we listen to people. By providing a combination of initiatives - water, goat and donkey loans, health care for humans and animals, livelihood training, animal husbandry, farming techniques, water harvesting, and long term improvement to the environment through our extensive tree planting programme - we are strengthening whole villages, making a major difference to the long term future of entire communities – despite the tragedy of the ongoing problems in Darfur.

To find out how animals are helping children click here or go to the About Us Page

By acting today we are helping children

to a better tomorrow

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Our latest exciting news is a Sailing Regatta on the Solent 8th/9th July 2014 - be the first team to win The Kids for Kids Challenge Cup in 2014! Teams of 6/7 needed! For details please email as soon as possible as we expect our Challenge Cup Regatta to sell out fast!

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Celebrities helped children - see Darfur and how you too can show you care!

To see what The Pope, The Prince of Wales, the Prime Minister and a galaxy of Stars did

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DRAWN...TO DARFUR click the heart . Their works of art helped raise a staggering £72,000 to change the lives of children in Darfur forever!


Need an unusual, and beautiful present?

The Darfur book has pictures by famous people - including the Prince of Wales - plus biographies of your favourite people, and much more! To order DRAWN TO DARFUR - Book Order Form

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We do all we can to minimise administration so that your donation goes where you really want it to go - to help the children of Darfur! We make your money go further ..... We really do provide what you ask us to give to help families not, as many charities say, just "where help is needed most" - which could be administration here!



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