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The only organisation created to help children struggling to survive in remote villages in Darfur, Sudan.
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KIDS FOR KIDS helps children the world has forgotten, children in Darfur, Sudan, who live lives of inexcusable and unimaginable hardship.

Kids for Kids adopts whole villages, lifting them out of abject poverty. We are different, because our projects are what people tell us will help them the most. By combining a range of simple grassroots projects we not only make an immediate difference to individual families - their children have milk to drink from little goats - a goat loan which gives us our name - ,a blanket to sleep under, a mosquito net to protect them from malaria - we are transforming the lives of the whole village, providing health care within reach, veterinary care and, most important of all, water near at hand.


The Calais crisis in France is a tragedy, but what about the basic cause?  Why are so many young men braving horrendous danger to try, by all means possible, to reach London?  What are their lives like that they leave their homes and their families with no way to return?  “My heart goes out to these young men following their Dick Whittington dream that the roads of London are paved with gold” said Patricia Parker MBE, founder of Kids for Kids. “Compared to the conditions they have left behind, they are right. My experience is of Darfur where even small children have to walk up to 20 miles to fetch every drop of water.  Yet there is water underground.   Children are dying from malaria because mothers cannot afford even a mosquito net.   They have to ask their sons to leave, to find money to send home so that they can feed their children. In other countries too families are desperate and need our help if they are to be able to be able to care for their children and give them the chances we all want for our little ones.” (See Latest News - Calais Crisis - Migrants - the challenge facing us all.

Kids for Kids has been helping families living in remote villages in Darfur, Sudan, to build a better life for themselves. “We don’t believe in charity; we believe in helping people to help themselves” says Patricia. “By providing the basics of life, we are helping them to take that first crucial step out of abject poverty.  People want to stay in their own countries and their own homes. It is the desperate who have no alternative but to leave and join the ever growing sea of migrants.”  To date, Kids for Kids has adopted 78 villages where young men are not only staying with their families, but others are moving to Kids for Kids’ villages because they know they will have a better chance.

UNICEF reports that children in every village of Darfur are malnourished, except in Kids for Kids’ villages.  A surge of violence since the start of the year, is exacerbating the already extreme deprivation.  “There are no malnourished children in Azargarfa” said village leader, Adam Sebil “Our village has grown from 3,000 to 5,000 since Kids for Kids introduced its whole package of grassroots projects to our community”.  Adam is now the Chairman of the group of volunteer Darfurians  which works with remote communities to provide Kids for Kids’ projects which, he says, “not only gives direct help to families, but lifts whole communities out of poverty”.

Patricia says “Kids for Kids’ philosophy could be adapted for other regions of the world. We are giving hope to young men who are so desperate that they risk their lives for a chance, any chance.  For them, the streets of London really are paved with gold.”

KIDS FOR KIDS is already helping over 350,000 people whose lives have been transformed long term - in one of the most remote and inaccessible regions of the world. This year we have started training eight new communities where village volunteers will monitor projects, such as our Goat Loans, to ensure they will be sustainable. But we need to do so much more. Village leaders are begging us to help. Aid Agencies have left Darfur and moved on to other regions of the world but in the villages of Darfur conditions are worse than ever. Leaders report children who are seriously malnourished, dying from preventable diseases. Malaria caused many deaths last year but mothers cannot afford a mosquito net. Water is often miles away. Children are thirsty. We know we can change their lives, with your help.

We don’t believe in charity, we believe in helping people to help themselves.

We also believe in making your money count and not wasting it on needless administration. Volunteers in Sudan and elsewhere in the world, help us to spend the maximum exactly where you want it to be spent - to help children who cannot help themselves. Founder Patricia Parker MBE says "I feel honoured when people donate their hard earned money because they trust us to do all we can to help children the world has forgotten - and I am not going to spend it on unnecessary administration."

URGENT APPEAL - Darfur: Water is urgently needed to stop children walking miles for every drop. "It is difficult to describe the absolute deprivation" says Patricia. "Three weeks ago some of our villages were attacked and people fled, leaving everything behind. They need help right now and most urgent of all are jerry cans to collect water. Longer term we must repair and install more handpumps, as many as possible. We all know what thirst is - but can you imagine having to walk for hours across the desert to collect every drop? You can name handpumps after your loved ones - a living memorial. Do contact me to learn more."

Families lost their homes and everything they owned. Can you help provide Jerry Cans now so they can at least have water?

Text: JCAN15 to 70070 (max donation allowed on a mobile £10)

KEY PROJECT: Our GOAT LOAN saves lives. We lend 6 goats to a family. There is milk immediately and then an increasing income as the little flock grows. After 2 years, 6 healthy kids are passed to another family in the same desperate need - and the loan goes on, and on. Your gift of a goat could be the best investment in the future you will ever make.

Donate on line and save a child today

Education is the way out of poverty. Can you help by donating bricks so we can start to build another kindergarten in a remote village where mothers are begging for our help for their children?"

School bus at our first Kindergarten at Abu Nahla


Children are struggling to survive in remote villages in Darfur because their mothers cannot afford to feed them. Children go to bed hungry, and wake up hungry. The creation of South Sudan has lead to soaring inflation. Violence has escalaated this year, out of sight of the world. Already this year over 50,000 people have fled their homes, losing everything they ever owned. In March a further 8,000 people fled their homes. We need basics - jerry cans, cooking utensils, blankets, mosquito nets. . Thankfully the harvest was better than last year in many areas, but not in the north of Darfur. "We already know that many families will not have anything to eat in the 'hungry months' this summer. "Can you help please?" says Patricia.


Small Change = Big Changes

when you have so little


Kids for Kids' projects are key to a better future. We are different. Because we recognise that it takes more than one thing to lift a family out of abject poverty and give them a foot on the ladder to a better future,

Children's hair turns preternaturally pale from prolonged lack of protein - goat's milk is an essential source of protein, minerals and vitamins yet the price of goats has soared.

Please can you help us buy more goats? Our Goat Loans have

been called the most effective Microfinance scheme ever.

Kids for Kids is the only organisation created to help the children of Darfur. Children are living in conditions which are beyond poverty. Even small children walk miles across the desert for every drop of water. They drink water that is heavily polluted and leads to life threatening illnesses. Yet noone is helping. The main aid agencies are no longer there. Foreigners do not go because it is dangerous. Children are in desperate need. Please help us to change their lives. We are showing it can be done. Every penny makes a difference in Darfur.

The sun scorches the sand to a searing heat yet countless children have no shoes to wear. Their mothers have no hope of helping them. Children have never seen a toy, have no books, no bed, not even a blanket. They have little chance of education. Everything has to be paid for. There is no health care in the villages. There are no roads, no transport - you carry your child in your arms to a hospital, where there is no anaesthetic and where you have to pay for treatment - but you have no money.

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We make sure your money goes where you really want it to go - to help the children of Darfur! We make your money go further ..... We really do provide what you ask us to give to help families not, as many charities say, just "where help is needed most" - which could be administration here!

To find out how animals are helping children click here or go to the About Us Page

By acting today we are helping children

to a better tomorrow

Kids for Kids,
PO Box 456,

+44 (0)7957 206440

SKYPE patricia.parker1

How to donate if you are in America:

US Friends of Kids for Kids

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Exciting News about our Magical Candlelit Christmas Concert on Thursday 3rd December 2015 - please go to our Latest News Page


Emergency help is desperately needed, but what about root causes? Can anything be done?  We think so - click here to see what Kids for Kids has been doing to help families stay together in their homes


Second Kindergarten supported by our Patron JOANNA LUMLEY opened on 9th September 2015

A dream come true for mothers in Darfur





Tragic loss of our very special Patron RUTH RENDELL. who died on Saturday 3rd May 2015. Lady Rendell supported Kids for Kids with enormous generosity both financially and as our mentor for almost fourteen years. "It would be hard to imagine a more wonderful person" said Patricia Parker MBE "A brief 10 minute conversation lead to Ruth supporting our Midwives Training Programme for many years. She believed, as I do, that the best way to convince young girls that FGM is harmful is for someone they know and trust to talk to them. The village Midwives that Ruth's support enabled us to save countless young mothers from the horrors of obstructed labour and life long fistula and ostracisation. Not only did Ruth support our Midwives training programe where our village midwives are the only health care in remote villages but she also sponsored handpumps that will flow as a living memorial to an amasing lady. I shall miss her personally. The charity has lost a special friend. Our thoughts are with her family."

Lady Rendell of Babergh OBE

We are launching an Appeal in Ruth Rendell's name to install a Solar Powered Submersible Pump which will provide clean safe water for 6 communities in Darfur. If you would like to donate something in memory of a remarkable lady Please click here - and do add a message please

please look at the Latest News Page.


See what our wonderful School Supports have been doing.


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Patricia Parker MBE, Founder, says: "It is difficult to describe how desperate the lives of the children of Darfur are. It has never been so hard to raise funds to help them. When did you last see Darfur on television, or read about it in the papers? The world has forgotten Darfur. Parents are in despair as they watch their children fade before their eyes. Please will you help?"

1 goat = £38 1 donkey = £60

1 goat = health for a child

1 donkey = a life line when there is no other transport

Are you getting married this year? Have you a Special Celebration?

Do you have everything you need? You could ask for the best presents ever - ones you will remember always, but ones that will change a child's life, forever.

Celebrate by asking for goats and donkeys, a plough, or even a latrine! !

We will send a Celebration Certificate anywhere in the world -

See what Gifts you can choose - instructions on how to Give a Gift and Celebrate your Special Event are on our new Gift List


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Famous London School makes history in Darfur - to see what they have been doing

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This is fun to do and even more fun when you win, because you know Kids for Kids wins too - each month we can help more children! Do join!



To make a bank transfer:

National Westminster Bank,

14 High Street



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60 07 02 sort code

31670636 account number


IBAN GB71 NWBK 6007 0231 6706 36

If you are donating on line please remember to email your donation number and details so we can send your Certificates to your loved ones, and to make sure we provide exactly what you choose.

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Celebrities helped children - see Darfur and how you too can show you care!

To see what The Pope, The Prince of Wales, the Prime Minister and a galaxy of Stars did

for us ....

DRAWN...TO DARFUR click the heart . Their works of art helped raise a staggering £72,000 to change the lives of children in Darfur forever! See Latest News Page to find out what Prince Charles' picture turned into!


Celebrities have been drawing pictures, or sending their hearts (and autographs!) to show they care! To see which celebrities have Drawn for Darfur click here





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