Where do your Donations Go? Ever wondered?

Kids for Kids is proud to let you know exactly what we do with the donations we receive! It is extraordinarily rare for an organisation to share such information, but we believe in complete transparency of our sustainable work. Our 2017 Achievements document includes a complete list of everything Kids for Kids has funded in Darfur during the calendar year.

The document also includes details of our outline plans for 2018. We only promise help if we can be sure we have the funds needed. The commitment to give a set amount allows us to plan ahead, which is why the support from Children’s Champions and Regular Supporters is so essential to our work. There will be famine in Darfur this year because the harvest failed so we already know seed and fodder will be urgently needed as well as the main support we offer to families.

Please take a look at what we have done in 2017 to transform lives in Darfur, with the help of all our supporters: Twelve Months in Darfur, Achievements 2017