Global Giving Award – Top-Ranked Charity!

GlobalGiving provides a crowdfunding platform for grassroots charitable projects, and this past week was their Gratitude Week where Kids for Kids was named a Top-Ranked Organisation! We are thrilled that our work has been recognised by the global community and the focus on long-term sustainability of all our projects has caught people’s attention. In 2017, Kids for Kids raised a total of $39,133 on the GlobalGiving Platform alone. This is of course just a small percentage of what we raised in total, and our goal is to exceed this amount in 2018 so we can spend even more in Darfur! GlobalGiving has also informed us that $16,439 of that total was driven by the site, including a grant of $10,000 in response to our submission asking for help for the Africa Drought and Famine Crisis. We were also lucky enough to receive two smaller prizes- the first, $100 in GlobalGiving’s social media storytelling competition where we told the story of how one nine-year-old boy’s walk for water sparked the creation of Kids for Kids. Our second prize was for £1000 in the Year-End Campaign because Kids for Kids was one of the top 10 UK registered organisations to receive the most donations in December 2017! What a great end to the year.

Thank you so much to everyone around the world who has donated to Kids for Kids through GlobalGiving. Your donations are making a world of difference to children and families in Darfur who have nothing. You are giving them hope and a helping hand out of poverty – livelihoods, nourishment, and a whole range of basic essentials that no one should have to go without.

If you live in the US and would like to claim your tax benefits please donate to us via Global Giving! Our Charity Page shows a whole range of our projects and you can choose exactly which one you would like to support. Fees are minimal at 10% for all the wonderful support they give to us.