Trees For Christmas! The Perfect Gift.

Buy a tree for Christmas here, and a tree for children in Darfur 

Kids for Kids provides sustainable help to families in remote villages.  Your tree will help turn the desert green again!  If you donate a tree to be planted in Darfur this Christmas, you are giving children a future. 

It costs just £10 for one tree to stabilise the desert and provide shade to children. £15 buys three trees that will help fight climate change in a region rapidly turning to desert.   £45 will provide 20 fruit trees by the straw huts  which are home for children in Darfur. Small donations create big change – plant trees now!

Order our special Christmas Tree Certificate – personalised for your loved one!

Give a Tree for Christmas!


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Donate Another Item – Goats?  Donkeys?  Mosquito Nets?  Or maybe a Clean Water Handpump?   Anything can be donated on behalf of a loved one!

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