Still Waiting for the Rains in Darfur…

Tragically, the news in Darfur is that in some parts there has been no sign of rain and the intense heat continues, in others there are floods which are washing away the seedlings that people have had to already plant.

I’m sure you know that Darfur is the size of France, so you can understand the extremes. The result, of course, if this continues will be starvation for families who have no way of diversifying from their subsistence crops. It gives you an indication of the importance of animals and in the extreme conditions of Darfur, goats are the ones we can rely on when all others fail.

It has been such a worrying year with so many catastrophes combining to cause extreme hardship. Many families have been forced to eat the seed they had saved.

We are therefore appealing, in addition to all of our much-needed projects, for emergency seed to enable families to plant so that they have something to feed their families in 2022. But it will be months before any harvest and meanwhile, children are hungry.

This is why our goats are so important. Their milk is indeed a life saver.

Please can you Donate Goats today to give life or Donate Seed for future healthy harvests?