CHRISTMAS IS COMING – it really is!

At last we can celebrate together. Do join me at our beautiful Candlelit Christmas Concert and herald in this wonderful time of year as it should be, together again after such hard times. If you cannot join us in person we are recording it and can ‘meet’ online – but it is not the same, as I am sure you have all found when, after many months, we have a last been with people we love. 

My heart goes out to you who have lost someone precious. If you have been struggling alone in these difficult months, perhaps it has also made you count your blessings? Being alone with time to think has made me even more determined to reach out to help children facing lives of intolerable hardship, yet with parents with the same hopes we have for our families. No matter where we  are born we continue to prove that it is possible to help, one child at a time. No problem is too big if we tackle it step by step. The world seems to have become more dangerous and the news more and more depressing. But yes, we can do something about it –  each of us, in small ways perhaps, but, together, we are a powerful force.

At Kids for Kids we help child by child, family by family – village by village. And yes, goat by goat! Now, after 20 years, there are 105 Kids for Kids villages. Villages out of sight of the world, almost out of reach – still no roads go to them, no running water, no internet, no electricity – and yet we continue to prove that it is possible to have a direct, and most important of all, a lasting impact, on children’s lives. Giving hope where there was none.

CLIMATE CHANGE – a problem too big? We know we cannot let it be – but we also know we cannot leave it to Governments  alone. We must make changes in our own lives, and in Darfur we have been planting trees for the past 15 years! Our first Baobabs are huge now. Our Acacia Senegal are producing gum arabic in villages. In Majoub A their children go to our school. Babies are  brought into the world with the help of our midwives. And those children are playing in the shade of our trees. In every Kids for Kids village we are planting trees. Now it is your turn! This Christmas donate trees. 


But don’t forget to give a goat too please! Yes I am asking for both. In Darfur starvation is a spectre facing many families. Children need milk. Please give a Goat and a Tree this Christmas – and we will send a Christmas Certificate for you wherever you want!


EXCITING NEWS! We are launching our very own DOUBLING  CAMPAIGN 2021 thanks to two wonderful supporters who have pledged £10,000 if YOU will donate too! Please can you help? it  could mean a massive £20,000 for Kids for Kids. I cannot tell you how much this would mean to me. Since the start of Covid, as  with other overseas charities, donations have gone down, a tragedy for Darfur where I have never known so many families to be  struggling just to feed their children. There is no question of replacing animals that have died, or of buying seed to plant. They need our help right now. Let’s make our DOUBLING CAMPAIGN 2021 work! 

Please Donate via The Greatest Need and add ‘Doubling’ to Notes please.

Alternatively send your donation to Kids for Kids: POBox 456 Dorking RH4 2WS marking it ‘Doubling’ OR direct Bank Transfer: sort code: 60 07 02 account: 31670636. Reference ‘Doubling plus your name’ please! 

Regular Donations have made such a difference, even more so now when we have not been able to rely on the extra funds from  events. Global Giving is promising to increase monthly donations by a MASSIVE 200% for four months (then please swap to  donating directly to Kids for Kids). This is an opportunity not to be missed!

Please visit Global Giving or join our wonderful supporters directly, see the enclosed Christmas Gift List.

Would you like to surprise a friend with an unexpected gift? Give the Gift of the Kids for Kids Lottery and a surprise windfall  could come their way! For just £10 a month (that’s just £120 a year) you would not just have fun yourself, but donate goats to  children in great need. Each month half of all that month’s funds is the prize, and half enables me to buy goats. In November the  prize was a princely £305, more than double the annual fee – and I was able to provide a family not just with 5 healthy nanny  goats, but two more for another family! Milk for children, and a prize for you! Click here for more information or email to sign up for our lottery!

And for a really massive, and lasting, Christmas present for children in Darfur? Would you consider becoming a very special  friend? CHILDREN’S CHAMPIONS choose the level of their support (from £1,000 a year for three years). The difference this  makes is direct and many items, depending on your choice, can be named for you. More information is available here or email


By doing your shopping online through Amazon Smile, or The Giving Machine (it’s really easy to sign up – even I managed it!)  every time you shop they give us money. And yes, they do send it to us. Every pound Kids for Kids receives helps us help a child. Please do sign up and remember to choose Amazon Smile, not just Amazon or Amazon Prime (you will still receive the benefits of  the latter, don’t worry!).

2022 – Will soon be here! Plan something fun, challenging and hugely rewarding.

Check out our Challenges Page: you can pace yourself against an Olympian – running, cycling, swimming  and much more – Swim the Channel – Sky Dive with Charlotte (yes she has set herself yet another challenge!) – climb a  mountain – or walk a mile every day for a month? Whatever you do you will love it, and you will help us give love in Darfur. We  would love to hear from you – please ring us – 07957206440 – or email

Thinking of Spring Cleaning already?

Why not sell via EBay and donate to Kids for Kids? We have signed up with EBay so choose Kids for Kids as your charity and we  will provide a lift changing gift in Darfur, from the proceeds of things you no longer need! What could be better! eBay for Charity is an easy way for buyers and sellers on to support charities, whether you are buying or selling. You can donate all or  part of the funds and add Gift Aid to your donations. In addition, all eBay for Charity items will qualify for a fee credit on basic  insertion and final value fees equal to the percentage donated! Please email for details if you need help:

FINALLY as we look to the future, please will you think of the future of those children who will be born in the coming years in  Darfur. It will be decades before life in Darfur is properly improved. With Sudan facing huge financial difficulties as it emerges  from 30 years of misrule, it is unrealistic to think that the region will benefit any time soon from real investment in infrastructure.  But we will continue to help. If you will consider leaving a Legacy to Kids for Kids we will make sure the future is a little brighter as we have always done, one child at a time.

HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE – I am so looking forward to seeing you on 2nd December at our lovely Concert. The children  at Queen’s Gate are practising hard, and we have treats in store for you too. Joanna and Timothy will be with us – and the  incredible treat of a performance by Jiaxin Cheng who will be with her husband Julian Lloyd-Webber. This really will be an  evening of celebration of our 20 years – our 20th Candlelit Christmas Concert. Do come! 

Stay safe,

Patricia Parker OBE – Founder.

Stop Press: As we were going to the printers news overnight is that there is renewed instability in Sudan. It is too early to know what is happening but there is one certainty – whatever the outcome it will mean even more hardship. Kids for Kids is going to be needed  even more than ever. My heart goes out to the peoples of Sudan.

2021 Christmas Mailing Documents (all in one place!):