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On the 8th March this year Kids for Kids are celebrating 20 years of helping the forgotten children of Darfur!

That’s 2 decades of sustainable development projects that have helped over 550,000 people and continue to do so, year after year, reaching more and more people.

We want to ask all our incredible supporters to help us celebrate by taking on a challenge this year to raise funds so we can help another 550,000 people.

Interested? Will you be our GOAT (Greatest of All Time!)?

There’s only one thing to decide – How YOU want to raise your money!

Let’s make our 20th year our most successful year! Together we’ve GOAT this!


Join our . .

As it’s our 20th year we’re inviting you to challenge yourself to 20 things!  So, for our Challenge 20, we are asking you to come up with a way that challenges you personally, whether it’s running on the spot for 20 minutes –  reading 20 booksrunning 20 miles, 20 press-ups a day for 20 days, 20 laps around your garden or 20 times up and down the stairs?   You could also Bake 20 cakes, cook 20 cup cakes, make 20 birthday cards – whatever challenges you, and helps children in Darfur.   This Challenge is all about YOU!

Set a date, set up a fundraising page and start raising funds for the children of Darfur.  We will help.

Perhaps aim for a target of £20, or maybe £200, or even £2,000?

Kids helping Kids?   Our Challenge 20 is perfect for kids to get involved – let them get creative in how they want to raise some money for less fortunate children in Darfur.

Here are some of our ideas:

  • Smoothies are super popular – make 20?
  • Sponsored silence to raise £20.00
  • Bake 20 cakes for family and friends.
  • Wash 20 cars in their street.
  • Write 20 letters to people they know, telling them about Kids for Kids.
  • Collect £20 worth of pennies and send them in to us!
  • Tell us about your ideas!

You can set up your fundraising page here:

if you need any help or have any questions email:

Organised Events

Ready to start training for life after lockdown? Take a look at our list of actual events you can sign up to.

Charity Challenge – Kids for Kids – Charity Challenge

Click on the images below and choose Kids for Kids –  tick something off your bucket list and support children and their families in Darfur? There is everything from the 3 Peaks Challenge here in the UK to trekking through the Sahara desert!




Charity Skydive


Mudcrew host a variety of trail runs across Cornwall. From the Cornish RAT (Roseland August Trail) that is 11 miles up to 64 miles, to a 100 mile run in the depths of winter – are you determined enough to take on this mammoth challenge for the people of Darfur?


A 10k off-road run featuring a series of man-made and natural obstacles located throughout the course. They host 4 runs across the year Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter held in either Warwickshire or Leicestershire. Will you be up to the challenge?


Have your own event in mind but want to fundraise for Kids for Kids?

You may have already signed up to a Triathlon, Iron Man or the London Marathon! Maybe you have always dreamed of walking the entire length of the South West Coastal path or to cycle from Lands End to John O Groats?

Please help us to help children the rest of the world has forgotten, and celebrate our 20 years of achievements together.   We would love to hear from you and of course are here to help.

If you have any questions please contact Anna Sambrook at:

Setting up your Fundraising Page

You can set up your fundraising page by following this link:

We hope you feel inspired this year – Together We’ve GOAT this!