Step up for Darfur! – STEPtember Challenge!

The situation in Darfur, Sudan, is totally heart-breaking.
Amidst the ongoing fighting, Children are starving, unable to reach food and water.

It’s time we Step up and Support the Forgotten Children of Darfur!

Join Kids for Kids for an exciting new challenge!

Push yourself and join us in STEPPING UP and supporting the forgotten children of Darfur.

Get fit, have fun and FUNDRAISE!!

The Challenge: Join us to do 2,023 Sponsored STEP UPS in September 2023

Kids for the Kids is the only organisation helping children and their families in rural Darfur. With ongoing fighting in Sudan, our sustainable projects really are proving to be a lifeline for communities.

Our Goats are providing protein-rich milk to starving children, unable to leave their huts for food in fear of being hurt.

The handpumps we have installed provide clean water close at hand so children don’t have to risk their lives on the daily walk for water.

Our trained midwives are saving lives when hospitals are barely functioning.

Will you join us in STEPPING UP for the children and their families in Darfur and help us save even more lives? 2,023 STEP UPS for STEPtember in September 2023!
We’ve even developed a plan for you – including rest days and building up from 20 to 125 step-ups over the 30 days of September….
Download a copy of the Step ups Challenge Plan & tick the days off as you go!

CHOOSE YOUR OWN SPONSORSHIP TARGET – But raise over £100 and win a prize!

Could you raise enough for a Goat (£50) to provide protein-rich milk to starving children?

Or £200 to give to our Emergency Appeal so we can help in these turbulent times in Darfur?

£2,000 would allow us to train a Midwife – saving mothers and babies’ lives now that hospitals are barely functioning.

Raise over £100 and win a FREE personalised Water Bottle!

Every little counts! What will you STEP UP and aim for?

How Do I Take Part in the Sponsored STEP UP Challenge?

Signing up is easy. Just follow these simple steps…

  1. If you are on Facebook, join our Facebook group – our Facebook group is there to motivate and support you during your challenge so do ask questions, share images, videos and updates, and get involved! You can then create a Facebook Fundraiser so you can easily share the challenge with all your Facebook friends and family and invite them to get involved too!
  2. If you are not on Facebook, no problem! You can set up your personal JustGiving fundraising page. Just click on this link and then ‘Start Fundraising’ to set up your own personal page. Or you can use the Kids for Kids Sponsorship Form which is available here. You can find full instructions on our FAQs page.
  3. Share your sponsorship page with friends and family! Share your JustGiving fundraiser link, pictures and videos with friends and family so they can help spur you on with sponsorship!
  4. Find a step and start STEPPING UP!

Can I Sponsor the STEP UPS Team Instead?

If you’re not keen on joining them, please do consider sponsoring them to give them some momentum!

We would welcome any sponsorship for this challenge – just click on ‘Donate’ here!

    The Beauty of Step ups is…

    …they can be done by everyone everywhere! All you need is an object to step onto. This can be a stair, bench, curb, or box!

    Step ups are a great strengthening exercise and can help build muscle in the glutes, quads, and hamstrings if performed regularly. By adding weights, you can work the core, triceps and biceps too! Or you can STEP UP quicker to get the heartrate racing a little bit more..!

    There are several different STEP UP options:


    Option 1: The STANDARD STEP UP:

      • Stand in front of an elevated surface like a step or a bench, with your feet hip-width apart. You could use a step in your house or in the garden, a box or a curb.
      • Place one foot on top of the surface and push through your heel to lift your body up onto it.
      • Bring the other foot to meet the first foot on top of the surface.
      • Bend your knee and step down with the opposite foot. Bring the first foot down to meet the second foot on the ground.
      • Alternate your leading foot each time so you are working both sides equally.



    Option 2 :The SUPER STEP UP:

      • This is the STANDARD STEP UP above whilst holding something weighty – dumbbells or a tin of beans! – in your hands to add resistance.
      • Once you reach the top of your step, raise the weights above your head to work harder.






    Option 3 :The SUPER DUPER STEP UP:

      • This is the SUPER STEP UP with an added knee-lift at the top of the step.
      • Instead of bringing the other foot to meet the first foot on top of the surface, raise this foot up in a knee-lift once at the top of the step and raise the weights simultaneously.
      • Alternatively, if you wish to work harder still, you could add a squat once you’re back on the ground in between your step ups.





    For more information on these options, visit our FAQs page.

    And, if 2,023 Step ups is too many for you, just set your own personal target!

    Whatever suits you, your body and feels most comfortable. And if anything doesn’t feel good, please just stop!

    This is a personal challenge for you and we are just so grateful that you are keen to STEP UP and support the forgotten children of Darfur.

    Here are some other ideas…
    • Perhaps you fancy walking 2,023 STEPS each day in September 2023?
    • Or would you prefer to walk or run 20 miles in one day?
    • Could you organise a sponsored Walk for Water where everyone walks laps of your village, carrying heavy water containers, just like the children of Darfur?
    • Or perhaps you could take part in a sponsored STEP aerobics or Zumba class to get your steps in!
    However you fancy STEPPING UP for the children of Darfur, we are right behind you!


    We must help children affected by the fighting in Sudan. There is no one else.

    The situation is heart-breaking.

    With fighting continuing across the country, the UN reports that over 2 million people have fled the country.  UNICEF says hundreds of unaccompanied minors have fled to Chad and elsewhere.

    The danger of travelling anywhere in Darfur is endangering the lives of hundreds of women and children. Major food shortages have been reported with the World Food Programme saying that it expects between two and 2.5 million more people to face acute hunger in the coming months. Normal life has not just been disrupted but destroyed.

    Children are starving. We must STEP UP and do something now.

    Kids for Kids are helping to change all that!

    £50 helps us donate 1 Goat to a family Goats milk from our Goats provides essential proteins, vitamins and minerals to countless children who were already malnourished following drought and flood last year. Now our goats are a lifeline to children in Darfur.

    £65 enables to us give a Donkey – so families can avoid danger and quickly carry heavy loads – jerry cans containing clean water, firewood, hay for their animals, or gather in a harvest.

    £200 will help us plant 100 Tree Seedlings in a Community Forest – to stabilise the desert, provide shade, fruit and other by-products for families to generate an income.

    £250 allows us to give 5 Goats for a family – so they have nourishing goat’s milk to feed their starving children and can earn an income from excess milk and yoghurt. After two years, as their little flock grows, they will pass on 5 goats to another family to benefit.

    £400 enables us to train a First Aider – who can help save children’s lives.

    £2,000 helps us to train a Midwife – saving mothers and babies’ lives now that hospitals are barely functioning.

    £6,500 allows us to install a Handpump – providing clean water to children, their families, animals and communities, and reducing the danger of walking long distances.

    £20,000 enables us to build a Kindergarten – to give children an education and a future out of poverty.

    What will you STEP UP and aim for?

    How much can we raise together for the forgotten children of Darfur?

    Let’s STEP up. Let’s Support them. Let’s spread the word.

    Let’s challenge ourselves to help change children’s lives. Let’s STEP UP and support the forgotten children of Darfur.

    SET UP YOUR OWN SPONSOR PAGE for the sponsored STEPtember Challenge on Facebook here or on JustGiving here by clicking ‘START FUNDRAISING’.

    OR DONATE to support the step-up team by clicking on ‘GIVE NOW’ here!

    Please do share this with friends and family! Let’s get fit, let’s have fun – let’s FUNDRAISE!

    Thank you so much for all your support – together we can change lives!

    Any Questions? Click here to view our FAQ’s!

    Still have questions? Please do email us!