Getting married?

Support Kids for Kids on your wedding day

Your wedding day is such a special day for you both – and now you can make it even more special.    By asking for Gifts for Darfur you will create a lasting legacy of your special day for children the rest of the world has forgotten.   You can choose from Goats, Donkeys, chickens, the gift of fresh clean water, and much more.   All are designed to last – giving life changing gifts that will change children’s lives long term.  Take a look at our wedding fundraiser ideas below to see how your special day can save a child’s life.

Tell your guests you’re supporting Kids for Kids

Tell your guests why you’re choosing to support Kids for Kids for your wedding or civil partnership by including a message in your invitations. You could include a link to our donate page and a special Certificate will remind you of your special day.   So do please include Kids for Kids in a charity gift list.

We would love to hear your plans so do please email us to let us know.

Organise a collection

Instead of presents, why not set up a fundraising page on Facebook or create a page on JustGiving?

If you would rather do a physical collection, why not ask your guests to bring cash instead of gifts.

Let us know if you would like a collection box.

Wedding favours

Wedding favours are a brilliant way to show appreciation to your guests for attending your special day.  Email us and we will be in touch.

We must help children affected by the fighting in Sudan. There is no one else.

The situation is heart-breaking.

With fighting continuing across the country, the UN reports that over 2 million people have fled the country.  UNICEF says that hundreds of unaccompanied minors have fled to Chad and elsewhere – children without their parents.  They need our help. 

The danger of travelling anywhere in Darfur is endangering the lives of hundreds of women and children. Major food shortages have been reported with the World Food Programme saying that it expects between two and 2.5 million more people to face acute hunger in the coming months. Normal life has not just been disrupted but destroyed.

Children are starving. We must do something now.

Kids for Kids are helping to change all that!    Now your special day will help us to make a lasting difference:

£50 helps us donate 1 Goat to a family Goats milk from our Goats provides essential proteins, vitamins and minerals to countless children who were already malnourished following drought and flood last year. Now our goats are a lifeline to children in Darfur.

£65 enables to us give a Donkey – so families can avoid danger and quickly carry heavy loads – jerry cans containing clean water, firewood, hay for their animals, or gather in a harvest.

£200 will help us plant 100 Tree Seedlings in a Community Forest – to stabilise the desert, provide shade, fruit and other by-products for families to generate an income.

£250 allows us to give 5 Goats for a family – so they have nourishing goat’s milk to feed their starving children and can earn an income from excess milk and yoghurt. After two years, as their little flock grows, they will pass on 5 goats to another family to benefit.

£400 enables us to train a First Aider – who can help save children’s lives.

£2,000 helps us to train a Midwife – saving mothers and babies’ lives now that hospitals are barely functioning.

£6,500 allows us to install a Handpump – providing clean water to children, their families, animals and communities, and reducing the danger of walking long distances.

£20,000 enables us to build a Kindergarten – to give children an education and a future out of poverty.

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