Jerry Cans – survival now, and planning ahead

Jerry Cans – survival now, and planning ahead

Thank you so much for your important contributions towards Jerry Cans for people in Darfur who had to flee their homes.  The difference these have made has been so important:  Thanks to you, we have been able to work quickly to help people in desperate, immediate need for water.

Our Programme Manager Dr Salim reports: “The situation is so difficult at the moment that we are now hiring a store, so that we have some Jerry Cans available locally for immediate use”  There is so much violence.  Just last week our team went out to see one of our new villages, but had to stop on the journey and wait, and then eventually had to turn around as there was more violence up ahead and it was not safe to continue.

There may even be a need for more Jerry Cans today, as the recent fighting was near one of our own villages.  Even though Kids for Kids villages are rarely affected, it is a strong possibility that people will flee to ours as they know they are stronger.  If we can help with the very basics of life such as Jerry Cans for water, we can save lives.

Thank you for your support.

$10 / £7 provides 2 Jerry Cans to help a family in Darfur

Click here to donate now.  Thank you! 

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