Why Children’s Champions?

“It would mean a great deal to me if you would become a Children’s Champion”

Patricia Parker MBE Founder


Committed sponsorship is the lifeblood of any charity.   Being able to rely on regular funds enables Kids for Kids to commit to life-saving projects – such as adopting a whole village and changing it for ever, providing life-giving clean water for hundreds of children at risk from water borne disease, or building a Kindergarten to provide them with a way out of poverty.   Children’s Champions are enabling us to do this and more!

By becoming a Children’s Champion you will be making a major contribution to the future of hundreds of children, changing their lives forever.   Children’s Champions are major donors (individuals, schools, groups, clubs, trusts or businesses) who make a commitment to help over a minimum period of three years.  In return, we commit to providing exactly what you are funding, with progress reports showing you the incredible difference you are making.  Many items may be named by you, either in your own name, your business name, dedicated to your loved ones, or to celebrate a special occasion.   You will be offered complimentary tickets to our prestigious Candlelit Carol Concert and other benefits depending on your level of support.  We believe in total transparency and feedback, so that you know both the successes and obstacles which we face in working in one of the most challenging regions of the world.

We offer 5 Levels of Sponsorship, from £1,000 a year providing goats and donkeys to help children, to adopting an entire village each year.

Please join our growing team of Children’s Champions, and help us to change the world.  

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