URGENT: Three Things You Can Do Right Now

“Life is at its most precarious in the villages of Darfur this year. Floods, droughts, Covid-19 and now inflation soaring to over 200% means the situation is now more desperate than ever. The risk of starvation to countless families is real and we are determined to do all we can to raise awareness of such terrible hardship and we are asking for your help,” said Patricia Parker, MBE Founder of Kids for Kids. 

  There are three things you can do now- please help!

1 – Provide soap.  We are told that washing hands properly with soap and water is the best, and perhaps the only, realistic defence against this terrible virus. Read our Soap Appeal now and Donate Soap Here!

2 – Provide mosquito nets. The recent floods have left behind areas of standing water, this makes the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. North Darfur is seeing a huge increase in cases of the often fatal disease with 60,000 people currently suffering. We have just sent 3000 nets to our communities but thousands more are neededplease donate here to the greatest need.

3 – Provide emergency food.   With inflation now over 200% the people of Darfur are struggling to feed their families. Mothers and fathers are unable to afford even the most basic staples to feed their families. Our team on the ground have said that mothers are unable to feed their babies milk due to themselves being malnourished. They are barely surviving on one meal a day, consisting of just flour and water to make a paste. This is not living – this is not how life should be – please donate to the greatest need. 

We are not an emergency aid organisation but we will never turn our backs on the people we support in their time of greatest need. By helping us raise funds and spreading the message of the current situation, we can help make 2021 a brighter year for the people of Darfur!

If you would like to learn more about how our long term projects transform the lives of whole communities, please do look at the About Us pages – all the 100 Kids for Kids villages are stronger and our families have a better chance of surviving the virus.

Thank you,