This year, 2020, the children, families and villages in Darfur have been hit by one crisis after another.

They have suffered drought in the heat of summer, fires blazing through their homes and villages causing several fatalities and loss of livestock, and recently floods washing away their crops. Inflation is out of control.  

This is before we even consider the catastrophe that has been caused by COVID-19.

How are families supposed to survive? They desperately need our help!

Please do take a few minutes to engage with our most recent news, hearing straight from Patricia Parker MBE, Founder of Kids for Kids, how we are currently doing everything we can to help fight COVID-19 in ‘News from Darfur’ and learning exactly what Kids for Kids have planned for the future. With Christmas coming up, we invite you to Give a Tree – the perfect gift! – and suggest other wonderful ways for you to get involved and Help this Christmas.

The people of Darfur really do need us more than ever now. Please do consider becoming a Regular Giver or Childrens Champion or even Leaving a Lasting Legacy for Kids for Kids – your support will change lives for years to come.

Also if you fancy your chances of Winning the Lottery, what better Lottery than the Kids for Kids 100 Club where every ticket you purchase helps improve the lives of children living in extreme poverty in Darfur?   Give a ticket to a friend – a chance of winning all year.

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2020 Christmas Mailing Documents (all in one place!):