Trustee Returns to Help Change Lives in Darfur

Kids for Kids is happy to report the return of one of our previous Trustees Patrick Doyle.    Not only was Patrick a key member of our Board but it was he who was the inspiration and leading light for our annual Ambassadors’ Ball which has been so enormously important in raising the profile of Kids for Kids and introducing wonderful new friends to the charity.  Patrick brings a wealth of experience, not least in advising on best business practice.    Behind the scenes, at any charity, there are essential regulations and administrative systems without which no charity could be run effectively.

Patrick and his wife Erika

Patrick and his wife Erika have been outstanding supporters of Kids for Kids for many years.   Handpumps they have funded continue to provide fresh clean water to countless families.  One was so successful that it was upgraded to a submersible pump, supplying water to five entire communities and their animals.    They have recently continued their support by becoming Diamond Children’s Champions!    As Diamond Champions they will be adopting three villages over the period of their commitment – providing the entire package of sustainable projects to each community.

This is quite literally life-changing for hundreds of families and their children.

Patricia said “ This year is turning out to be one of the most desperate years I have known.  Inflation is still soaring and is currently over 340%.   Families are struggling to feed their children.   Flooding and drought destroyed much of last year’s harvests. Darfur is currently in the ‘hungry months’.  The news that Patrick and Erika are to become Diamond Champions could not have come at a better time.   I am more delighted than I can say that Patrick is able to rejoin our Board, despite his own business commitments to his company IDS Ltd and the birth of their third little daughter.  Welcome to little Olivia, our latest little Kids for Kids’ kid.”

If you would like to know more about becoming a Children’s Champion visit:   or are interested in joining the Board of Kids for Kids as a Trustee please contact Patricia at or for more information visit:

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