A future full of hope for Murra and her family!

Murra is a mother to 9 children. In 2017 she was chosen by her village to receive support through the Kids for Kids projects. She received 5 goats as part of the goat loan programme, a donkey to help transport water and till the land and also 2 blankets and mosquito nets to protect her children from cold nights and insect-borne diseases.

This is just part of the package that Kids for Kids provides to many families in need.  People are so poor they cannot afford even basic essentials.  Kids for Kids makes sure individual families have proper farm tools, an essential when people eat what they grow.   But it doesn’t stop there.   Kids for Kids helps the whole community long term by providing both health care for the people and veterinary care for the animals.   Water is key, and wherever possible Kids for Kids funds handpumps and other water projects.

Four years after Kids for Kids adopted her village, Murra’s goat herd has grown to 23 animals. Her children are growing up healthy and strong because of the milk from the goats and the good news doesn’t end there – as a result of being given a donkey, Murra was able to make use of a donkey plough provided for Murra and two other women. She was able to cultivate three acres of land, growing two sacks of millet, a sack of groundnuts and also six sack loads of hay for her animals.

Murra and her family are expecting an even bigger harvest this year, as they were able to farm 5 acres plus they are growing melons and okra!

This is what Kids for Kids is all about – supporting children, women and their families to create a future that is teeming with hope and opportunities. By providing such simple but powerful projects, families and whole communities are able to build a better life for themselves – this is what life should be like for all people in Darfur!

Murra’s story is just one of the hundreds of success stories that Kids for Kids has witnessed over our 20 years – but we are only able to carry out such important work because of our generous supporters. We are only able to reach out to people like Murra because of the support from people like you!

Murra is looking forward to the future and now with a better harvest and money earned from selling goats milk and yoghurt, she is planning on sending her children to school!

There are hundreds of more mothers like Murra who deserve our help and support to give them the opportunities to raise themselves and their families out of poverty.

Are you able to help more mothers and girls earn a brighter future?

You can read more about the Kids for Kids range of sustainable projects here: https://www.kidsforkids.org.uk/what-we-do-projects/

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