Pope Francis Blesses the Children of Darfur

His Holiness Pope Francis blessed the children of Darfur while meeting Patricia Parker MBE, Founder of Kids for Kids, and Alastair King-Smith, Trustee, at the Vatican recently. Patricia was accompanying Alastair on a visit to Rome for an inter-faith conference whose participants were honoured with an Audience.

Patricia asked the Pope to pray for the children of Darfur who are facing the prospect of famine this year following the failure of the harvest.  She told Pope Francis that families in remote villages rely solely on what they can grow. Few can afford even a few animals to enable them to diversify and feed their children. His Holiness said a private prayer with Alastair and Patricia and gave a Blessing. He added “And please pray for me.  I need it too.”

Patricia said, “It was an overwhelming privilege to be in the presence of His Holiness.  When he held my hands and said a prayer for the children in Darfur, I felt hope for the first time this year. At Kids for Kids we are doing all we can to help, not only to prevent children from starving through our goat loans, but to provide long term help through broad based integrated projects including water, health care and reforesting the desert. This year we know we must provide seed to stop children starving, and fodder for the animals. As Joanna Lumley said, the health of the animals is closely linked to the health of the children. Please would all those who believe in the power of prayer join with His Holiness to pray for Darfur, and for His Holiness himself, as he asked, and as he leads the Christian world into the future.”

Kids for Kids’ goat loans provide 6 goats for a family so that the children have milk immediately, and the little growing flock provides a livelihood for the mother over time.  After 2 years, 6 kids are passed on to another family …..and so on.   One goat costs £40 although as inflation soars in Sudan and as the devaluation of the Sudanese pound takes effect we fear the price will rise. Find out more about our goat loans here.

For more information please contact sage@kidsforkids.org.uk.