Our Goats and Donkeys are safe and much in need

You will be relieved to hear that, despite the fighting, our little Goats and Donkeys are safe – and very much in need.

We are being asked if we are able to help, amidst the fighting, or should people wait to support us.

Please do not wait.   We need to be ready to help the minute it is possible.   Waiting will endanger children’s lives.

We can understand the concerns – that whatever is provided might not reach where it should, or perhaps even be destroyed, or stolen.

Well, luckily, our villages are not targeted because of what we provide – because all of our projects are low key.

Goats, donkeys and chickens are life-saving to our families in Darfur but they are not high-status animals like camels, horses, cows and sheep.

Similarly, farm tools, mosquito nets, blankets, transform children’s lives, but are not wanted by soldiers.

What has been happening instead is that people have been moving to our villages because they know they will have a better chance of survival.

So we are determined to adopt more villages as soon as we possibly can – but we need your help to do so.

For each village we adopt, we will give the poorest families 5 Goats each and provide Donkeys to carry heavy loads.

So we need your help in providing as many Goats & Donkeys as possible!

Please will you consider donating a little Goat , a flock of 5 Goats, or a strong cross-bred Donkey to help us achieve our goal?

Please don’t wait. Your donations will be sure to reach those in dire need and make a difference just when they need them most.

Thank you so much.

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